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Trump tweets attack on Yucatecan mogul

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Donald Trump has taken his beef with a Yucatecan businessman to the court of social media.
Donald Trump has taken his beef with a Yucatecan businessman to the court of social media.

American tycoon Donald Trump yesterday took a feud with Yucatecan businessman Rodolfo Rosas Moya to Twitter, accusing him of not paying several million dollars owed him.

And Trump vowed revenge.

Yesterday afternoon, Trump first wrote:  “I hope the Mexican judge is more honest than the Mexican businessmen who used the court system to avoid paying me the money they own me.”

Then: “Despite Mexico’s interest to be again hosting the Miss Universe Pageant, it will be because of Rodolfo Rosas Moya that will never happen.”

And: “Because of Rodolfo Rosas Moya, who owes me lots of money, Mexico never again host the Miss Universe Pageant.”

rodolfo Rosas Moya
Rodolfo Rosas Moya

The newspaper Reforma recently reported a legal dispute between Miss Universe LP and NBC television and the distributor Comercializadora Ronac, which is owned by Rosas Moya.

In 2006, Ronac signed with Trump to participate in the production of Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City.

Rosas Moya, according to Reforma, had pledged to invest $ 6.5 million, guaranteeing payment with property in Playa del Carmen. In 2009, Miss Universe LP initiated arbitration against Ronac and seized the premises. The American company won the arbitration in 2012, but according to Por Esto, “in Mexico, to execute an arbitration award is almost impossible” because of all the ways the court system can present roadblocks.

Rosas Moya company owns Pyrsa Construcciones, which has been behind many projects in Quintana Roo and Yucatán.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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