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Two delicious national Yucatán dishes to prepare at home

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There are many awesome and interesting things to visit in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Of course, every tourist should explore Chichen Itza and look at the Maya ruins. And the local nature, for example, the beautiful Tulum beaches are great for an unforgettable vacation. The Yucatan national dishes are also delightful and impressive.

Regional Yucatan cuisine is interesting because it has a local flavor while having many similarities to traditional Mexican cuisine. Due to the geographical isolation of the peninsula from other parts of Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, the cuisine of the peninsula is different from Mexican cuisine. Yucatan street food also makes a vivid impression with its variety. So typical dishes of the Yucatan are sopa de lima, a delicious chicken soup with lime, Mukbil Pollo (fried chicken), and cochinita pibil, or marinated pulled pork.

You don’t have to travel far to experience the unique Mexican culture and taste Mexican cuisine. Food is an inseparable part of the national colors; after drinking a strong tequila and tasting a well-made Mexican dish, you can plunge into the exotic world of this wonderful and mysterious European mind country. You can even organize a Yucatan-style evening at home (it can be more interesting than a traditional movie night or game night at playamo casino australia). In our article, you will learn the recipe for the national Yucatan pork dish, as well as the recipe for a delicious national dessert.

Cochinta pibil or pulled pork in Yucatán style

Cochinita Pibil is a famous Mexican pork dish that is always a hit. It can be toned down with fewer or no peppers and still tastes fantastic. It’s pretty easy to prepare! Your whole family will love this delicious dish! This dish originated in the Yucatan Peninsula but is now popular throughout Mexico and beyond. The pork itself is seasoned with a super simple marinade of tart citrus juice and achiote paste. After marinating in the achiote mixture, the pork is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and grilled underground until extremely juicy, butter-tender, and insanely delicious.

This recipe is slightly different from the original recipe and does not contain banana leaves, but it still conveys the national flavor. So, for this recipe, you need 1 kg of pork, orange juice, vinegar, achiote paste (or annatto), oregano, onions, and garlic. For the marinade, you will need red onions, table vinegar, garlic, oregano, ground black pepper, and salt. Achiote paste is the one unique ingredient that gives this dish its unique local flavor. Achiote paste is a spicy tomato and annatto seed sauce perfect for marinating meats and fish that you can buy in many online shops.

For the marinade, puree the achiote paste in a blender with the juice squeezed from the oranges, vinegar, onions, garlic, and oregano. Add half a teaspoon of salt to the marinade. Then take a piece of pork, pierce it in several places and leave it to marinate for several hours. Then transfer the meat to a heatproof form, pour the marinade, tightly close it with foil and bake in the oven at 250C for 1.5 hours. Ready meat should be very soft and almost falling apart. Take ready meat out of the oven and divide it into small pieces.

If you want to give the dish a national flavor, serve it with tortillas. Of course, it’s best to make them yourself, but you can also buy them. Coriander will give a special flavor to this dish and the tortillas. Take fresh coriander and finely chop it. In addition to coriander, serve this dish with finely chopped avocado and finely chopped pickled red onions. Traditionally, Yucatans serve Cochicita Pibil and tortillas separately. That way, everyone at the table can make their tacos, adjusting the number of toppings. 

The tortillas can be served in two ways. For example, you can cut the tortillas into strips and heat them in a pan. Then transfer the tortilla strips to a paper towel. Or you can serve them less traditionally and not cut them into pieces. But the tortillas must be warm. Another light appetizer that can be served with this dish is called Pico de Gallo. To make this salsa sauce, you need to finely chop tomatoes and onions into small cubes. Add to them finely chopped chilli pepper and garlic. squeeze one lemon juice, salt and pepper in the dish and add coriander.

Manjar Blanco — simple milk dessert from Yucatán

This terrific recipe is easy to make and very tasty. You will need coconut milk, whole milk, milk powder, sugar, vanilla, starch and cinnamon to make it. Combine all the recipes except the vanilla and cinnamon in a blender, pour this mixture into a saucepan, add the cinnamon and place over medium heat. Stir constantly and bring it to a boil. Then put this mixture in the fridge and let it solidify. You can also add raisins to it.

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