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Video: The Showcase of Homes’ most modern casa

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The Showcase of Homes had one home that was distinctly modern. Photo: YEL
The Showcase of Homes had one home that was distinctly modern. Photo: YEL

Mérida, Yucatán — The 8th Showcase of Homes was a brought together examples of old Yucatán and modern Mérida into one self-guided tour.

The latter was represented by the Mayan Modernist Dream, which we wrote about when it was on the market. Ed and Chris, two expats from the U.S. who we spoke to before the tour, bought it and kindly shared it with tour goers.

It was the last home on the list, but smart ticket holders went there first. For a modern home, there was a lot of clever detail to take in.

Some rooms appeared to be glass boxes, connected with covered paths. Indoor and outdoor spaces were cleverly woven together. The design brought sunlight into every room, and made it easy to imagine entertaining company with little effort.

About 700 guests took the tour, many commenting that the Maya Modernist Dream was not only attractive, but also livable — shattering stereotypes about antiseptic, untouchable modern designs. 

Take a look at the house and meet Ed and Chris in this video from Diario de Yucatán, hosted by BAI CEO Dr. Carlos Cabrera:

The tour was Fundación BAI’s largest benefit event, funding HIV and teen pregnancy education programs in Yucatán. Yucatán Expat Life is proud to be a platinum sponsor.

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