Volunteers help Chelem Community Center lower its electric bills 

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One of eight solar panels is installed on the roof of the new Chelem Food Bank building. Bulldog Solar workers volunteered for the job. Photo: Contributed

Six members of the Bulldog Solar team volunteered for a day to help a good cause on the Yucatán coast. 

The Chelem Community Center, which has a food bank and programs for both children and seniors, wanted to save money on their electric bill in their building that’s under construction. 

A client, who lives both in the Chelem and Mérida communities, asked Bulldog to help. This client was having Bulldog replace his solar panels, which were still in good condition, and he wanted them to serve the food bank.

Bulldog Solar owner Erich Briehl leads a group of volunteers who installed eight solar panels on the roof of the new Chelem Food Bank building. Photo: Contributed

Earlier, clients from Santa Clara had donated an inverter system after Bulldog had upgraded their home to a newer, micro-inverter system. So now a 3.6kW Solís inverter is also a part of the community center.

The team from Bulldog worked from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. completing the installation in its entirety.

“As the owner of this company, I always feel a sense of pride in the willingness of our team to donate their time to help the less fortunate in our community,” said Erich Briehl, owner of Bulldog Solar. “It’s something to show them the charitable act, but it is something else to watch them perform the act and see the look of pride on their face, knowing that they can say ‘I have given back to my community, my country.’”

The food bank is continuing its weekly hot meal program for 1,800 people every month. Under the organization’s Feed a Family program, 87 qualify for regular pantry donations. 

Volunteers are also leading early childhood classes for kids 3 to 5 years old starting in mid-November. A program for senior citizens also aids the community. The projected grand opening of the entire center is around year’s end. 

To follow the community center’s progress, see @InvestarYucatan on Facebook.

Bulldog Solar: bulldogsolar.com 

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