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Water gradually returns to 100,000 Mérida homes

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A temporary fix is made to a major water main under Calle 60 in the Centro. Photo: JAPAY

Mérida, Yucatán — More than 100,000 customers lost water after one of the city’s largest mains burst under Calle 60 between 70 and 81 in the Centro.

The work stopped the flow of water in more than 45 colonies and fraccionamientos including Cols. García Ginerés, Carranza, Alemán, Mexico, Mexico Oriente and Cinco Colonias.

Service was being restored gradually while workers from JAPAY, the water utility, worked 24 hours to repair the site.

The rupture flooded the streets for several blocks.

Workers toiled day and night to fix the broken water line on Calle 60. Photo: JAPAY

The street has been closed while a temporary repair to the 60-year-old pipe was made Friday. A part will arrive by Wednesday to complete the repair, officials said, and traffic will continue to be rerouted until then.

Meanwhile, a water plant has resumed operation and gradually returned service to customers.

The 48-inch pipe was damaged when city workers drilled the area to create or improve storm drains, JAPAY says. The city has not publicly taken responsibility for the damages.

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