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Water main break floods Centro; JAPAY blames city

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A water main burst in the Centro has officials pointing fingers. Photo: Desde el Balcón

Mérida, Yucatán — A water main has burst, flooding Calle 60 at 79 at the San Jose de la Montaña church, with no one taking responsibility.

Manuel Carrillo Esquivel, director of the Yucatán Water and Sewerage Board (JAPAY) — which will fix the pipe — blamed the City Council.

Implying a municipal project caused the break, Carrillo Esquivel said the city had been warned not to build rainwater drains in that area.

The coordinator of Urban Development of the city of Mérida, César Bojórquez Zapata, said that they had no workers at the site, building drains or otherwise, “so we do not know what happened.”

“We did not have machinery there, we sent people to see what happened, the pipe burst on its own,” he said in a brief interview for Desde el Balcón.

The municipal official said that they were rehabilitating streets in that area of ​​the Historic Center, but that 15 days ago they completed those projects.

According to neighbors, water has already reached Calle 83, and road congestion is reported.

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