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Water pressure drops in coastal towns as pools proliferate

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Pools have proliferated in Progreso, competing with neighbors for water. Photo: Handout

Progreso, Yucatán — It seems that nearly everyone who’s building at the beach wants a pool. And it’s putting a strain on the water system.

City authorities have granted an average of two pool permits per week in its jurisdiction, which includes Chuburná and Chelem.

Enough homeowners, however, are filling and refreshing their pools using city water, which is straining the water supply.

The Federal Maritime Ground Zone (Zofemat) has registered 3,000 houses in its beach zone, and most of them have private pools.

Freddy Pech Martínez, director of the Municipal System of Potable Water and Sewerage of Progreso, warned of lower water pressure especially at the beginning of the holiday beach season.

Weather conditions have been affecting electrical service along the coast, especially in Chuburná and Chelem. This problem has disrupted water service when electric water pumps at Sierra Papacal have burned out, said Pech Martinez.

In social networks, some summer residents have arrived at their beach houses to find no tap water. The problem started at least a week ago.

Some residents said that they have become accustomed to inconsistent water service, especially during the summer holidays. It’s not a new problem, but it has not received as much attention as other issues — which might change as more tourists arrive at the coast, they said online.

Source: Sipse

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