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What Parts are Available for Mercury Boat Motors?

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There are very high-quality, durable, and affordable mercury boat motors in the market today. However, despite their durability and reliability, any motor may break down due to natural wear and tear and may need some replacement parts. If you have a boat that needs emergency replacement parts, you should buy them from reputable stores to get legit and long-lasting items. You can get different varieties of MerCruiser boat parts to fix all kinds of problems. 

For instance, you can get high-quality cooling systems, fuel systems, and ignition systems. Additionally, you can find serpentine belts, water distribution housing, and lube monitoring bottles, along with other MerCruiser boat parts. Some of the other common spare parts that are available for mercury motors include propellers, transmissions, impellers, fuel pumps, starters and pull cords, and driveshafts. Mercury motors are best known for their durability and reliability. However, if you want the motors to give a top performance, you need to perform some simple maintenance. If you take a couple of minutes to maintain your motor, you will get the most enjoyment from spending time on the water.

Maintenance tips for Mercury motors

Check the oil before heading out

Although checking oil is one of the simplest maintenance tasks, it’s also one of the most overlooked. If you check the oil, you will ensure your engine delivers optimal and trouble-free horsepower throughout the day. When there is low oil pressure, it will reduce the performance of the engine, increase engine wear, and tear, and shorten the longevity of your engine. Therefore, you should change your oil and filter after every 50 hours or every season to prolong the life of your motor. These details are always important to keep up with when maintaining your motors.

Check the impellers and inline water filter

Heat is something that can kill your motor very quickly. If you drive through shallow water areas or grassy patches, then you are likely sucking up some dirt. This trash and other muck in the water will affect the durability of the water pump and pug up your coolers. Therefore, you should always check the inline water filter and impellers. This is because they are easy to spot, clean, and replace if necessary. If you don’t know where to look, check your user manual. Having a clean motor will guarantee a safe ride.

Check your transmission fluid

You should check your transmission fluid or gear lube once every few weeks. In addition, you should change it after every 250 hours or once every season. It’s best to know where you are at with your transmission fluid in case anything happens. You should properly maintain your sterndrive or transmission because it is very costly to repair it. Moreover, a faulty sterndrive can keep you away from the water for weeks when you are waiting for it to be repaired. These details may be tedious, but they are important in the long run.


If your mercury motor is faulty and needs spare parts, you can purchase them from a reputable online store. In addition, you should properly maintain your motor to prolong its life. Moreover, when you take a few minutes to carry out maintenance tasks before heading out to the water, you can avoid spending your resources like your money, time, and energy repairing the motor and replacing the faulty parts. As much as it is a lot of work to maintain your motor, the results will leave you feeling happy.

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