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Wired and Reclaimed: SoHo Galleries artists use left-over materials

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Wired and Reclaimed at SoHo Galleries in Mérida, Yucatán

When we talk about sustainability, our first thoughts are about the environmental impact and how we might help in our everyday lives. Wired and Reclaimed is an exhibition that takes sustainability to an artistic level. 

Soho Galleries is one of the most recognized galleries in Mérida, with more than 12 years in Yucatán and represents artists in Mexico, Cuba, Italy, France, the United States, Israel and Canada.

On this occasion, it presents four talented artists: Otón Rivera (Durango), Víctor Dávalos (Mexico City), Luca De Pravato (Italy) and Sandra Dooley (Cuba), who give life and artistic creation to discarded elements.    

Courtesy SoHo Galleries

With wire that would normally be used for other purposes, Otón creates mesmerizing sculptures with a social message.

Victor, from early childhood, was fascinated by what others discarded and called useless. He would comb through junk yards in Mexico City in search of treasures that he could rescue and sculpt into significant pieces.   

Luca combs the beaches and backspaces of hotels finding towels and remnants of string and rope to create hangings. Each work has an amusing history, and Luca gleefully tells you the story behind each of his works.

Wired and Reclaimed at SoHo Galleries in Mérida, Yucatán

Sandra’s whimsical paintings are created with bits of fabrics that she rescues from tattered clothing in her native country of Cuba. Her works are amusing depictions of women, children, and animals in their everyday life.  

All four artists give a whole new meaning to sustainable art. Each piece is made from mountains of discarded plastic, paper, caps, tins, clothes, electronics and anything else you would find in the piles of unwanted items our modern society discards. 

Artists Victor and Otón will exhibit the materials that went into each piece while demonstrating their creative process.  

Opening exhibition: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4, at Soho Galleries, Calle 60 400A between 43 and 41, Centro

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