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Wiring systems plant opens with plans to hire thousands

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A new factory in Yucatán has been built with environmentally friendly features. Photo: Handout

Mérida, Yucatán — Leoni, a leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has officially opened a new, environmentally friendly wiring systems plant here.

The Merida operation will serve customers, including Volvo and General Motors, headquartered in Asia and the U.S. Leoni is recruiting about 2,600 people to work at the new location.

“The new plant in Mérida is a clear sign of our dynamic growth in the Americas,” said Martin Stüttem, a Leoni board member. “We are the first foreign investor to build up a production facility involving such a high number of industrial jobs in the Yucatán region.”

The now inaugurated plant in Mérida is Leoni’s third site for wiring systems in Mexico, after Hermosillo and Durango, which produce wiring harnesses for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The production scope in Mérida comprises harnesses for a series of passenger car models from a U.S.-based customer and a manufacturer from Asia.

Today, Leoni employs about 500 people in the new facility. In 2018, when the plant is due to run at full capacity, the company expects to count up to 2,600 staff. The new location has a total production area of approximately 25,000 square meters.

Solar energy

By the end of 2017, the plant will be equipped with more than 1,500 solar panels which will provide approximately one-third of its energy. Moreover, the location in Mérida uses a water recycling system, resulting in a daily reduction of needed fresh water of almost 100,000 liters. Leoni is going through the BREEAM certification process, one of the world’s leading sustainability assessment methods for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings.


In 2018, the Mérida plant expects to contract not only a large number of employees with an operational profile, but also industrial, logistics and quality engineers, technical specialists as well as administrative support personnel. Moreover, Leoni will establish a human resources department here which will support all the plants in the Americas.

Leoni is present in other North and South American countries, operating production facilities as well as offices for research & development and sales in Canada, the U.S., Brazil and Paraguay.

Source: Press release

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