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Workers feel comforted by new surveillance cameras in the Centro

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Cameras watch over Calle 66 in Mérida. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Mérida, Yucatán — Now that security cameras have been installed across the Centro, merchants and neighbors said they feel calmer under the extra surveillance.

But they hope that the cameras will actually facilitate the arrest of criminals.

Milenio Novedades’ reporter was told by merchants that they agreed that cameras are necessary, particularly in the San Juan neighborhood and the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets.

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) recently installed 66 high-tech video surveillance cameras in 22 points of the Center, as part of the “Yucatán Shield” strategy.

Personnel from the SSP’s Department of Information Technology installed poles and cameras at the intersections of Calle 59 at 50 (Mejorada), 64 with 69 (San Juan) and 69 with 70 (ADO Terminal). Also, on Calle 70 at 49, 60 with 47 (Santa Ana) and 56 with 67 (the market area).

Landy Margarita Oxté Castro, who sells newspapers on the corner of Calle 59 and 50 in Mejorada Park, said that the more security you have, the better. She arrives at her post before sunrise, but under the gaze of the camera, she said that she feels more safe.

About four months ago, she said, she was assaulted a few meters from her newsstand, near the Arco de Dragones.

“Yes I have had scares and for me it is good to have the cameras, it will help me to be calm and if there is an assault or accidents it will help us,” the woman added, in Spanish.

Although the Mejorada neighborhood is relatively safe, the interviewee said that she has witnessed several incidents, including the time when her friend’s cell phone was stolen when it was snatched from her hand.

Market vendors at Lucas de Gálvez said that with the new equipment, they hope that crime will be reduced in that area where, they said, there is a lot of crime.

“I hope that with the cameras they will think twice before doing their things,” said a vendor near Calle 56 and 67.

Vendors indicated that, in addition to the cameras, it is necessary to have more patrolmen in the markets because robberies have occurred in the premises, mostly at night.

“It would be good to have the same vigilance to avoid fights and robberies,” added one clothing salesman.

Formal merchants and people who normally travel along the San Juan routes also indicated that it was necessary to provide greater security for that part of the Center, but said that it is also necessary to have physical personnel in place.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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