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World of Warcraft: Famous Heroes of the Universe

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World of Warcraft is a game that combines interesting gameplay, an exciting storyline, great graphics, and a huge amount of content that every player can participate in.

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In this article, we will recall the most famous WoW heroes.

Jaina Proudmoore

She lived in wealth and abundance. Her father was a lord, and the country was prosperous. At a very early age, she discovered an interest in magic and began to study it intensively. Later, when she grew up, Prince Arthas and the Prince of the High Elves began to fight for her heart. The first one was more successful. He was constantly looking for a meeting with her, waiting for her after class, and showing interest. They fell in love with each other, and even rumors did not prevent them from dating. Arthas was afraid of spoiling her training and his path to power but could not resist the charms of love.

It is a pity that later he gave up his fate in the battle for his people and accepted the curse. Jaina decided to leave Arthas in his blind zeal. She went north and took part in the third war. Medivh persuaded her to gather an army and become a leader. She has become a great sorceress, who is often asked for help.

Sylvanas Windrunner

She was once a ranger in her high Elf kingdom. Her name was Windrunner. But her people were attacked by Arthas with an army of dark demons. She was struck by a sword and her soul was enslaved by the Lich King. She served him, weakened and cursed in the form of either a demon or a spirit. However, she found a moment to escape. The king weakened, and she and some other apostates managed to renounce the Lich and form their own settlement. They were free, but their bodies and souls were affected. Sylvanas was able to find a body, but she is clearly not alive, somewhere in the middle. Her soul is still connected to King Lich. Now she’s driven by only one thing, and that’s revenge. She wants to find Arthas and the Lich and destroy them.


This is an ancient god who is difficult to understand. He has a lot of eyes and a freakishly shaped body. All he wants is death and destruction. He was imprisoned by the Titans as one of the evil spirits. But the army of the Akir race decided to release all the prisoners. C’Thun captured them and turned them into insects, which were called Qiraji. He wanted to take over Azeroth, but his invasion was repelled. He has a very sonorous name and is one of the brightest representatives of evil in the World of Warcraft.


Muradin Bronzebeard has always been a glorious fighter. He had mastered martial arts since childhood and was the youngest son in the family, so he became an envoy of his people. When he met Arthas, he became his mentor. Later during the plague, he wanted to help him defeat the dark magician. But when they got to the cursed sword, they tried to dissuade Arthas from attacking. But in the end, he was defeated in battle and was considered dead. Muradin did not die, he only lost his memory. He was able to get it back, but there is no way to fix what happened.

Maiev Shadowsong

She became a priestess and wanted to help the elves. Her brother became the chief captain of the guard, and she was very proud of him. When the priestess of her temple was abducted, she took over her post. Then hard times came to their lands, they were attacked by the Burning Legion and they did their best to resist them. Their troops went into battle, but the brother was defeated by the traitor Illidan. The elves captured him and decided to imprison him in a dungeon, although Maiev wanted to kill him. But her brother ended up alive, and it would seem that everything ended well. But Illidan found a way to get out and seize power. Maiev was imprisoned in a dungeon but was able to find allies among the guards and join the uprising. She was one of those who liberated the kingdom, and the one who dealt a fatal blow to the traitor. But after the victory, she began to have doubts about who she was after the destruction of the main enemy.

World of Warcraft is a game that has brought up several generations of gamers. The history and development of the plot have been observed for two decades. And Blizzard is not going to stop there. This is confirmed by the fact that with an enviable frequency, the company releases more and more new add-ons, such as the latest Dragonflight, which already has 81 points on Metacritic. This fact proves that despite the number of years that the game has been on the market, it is still loved by fans for its quality content.

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