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Yucatan governor predicts an end to the ‘green’ light

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By Thursday, Yucatán’s easy-going restrictions under the “green” light will be no more, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal predicts.

His announcement coincides with two consecutive record-breaking days of coronavirus infections. On Wednesday, 399 new cases were reported.

Although hospitalizations have been actually declining, the sheer number of patients in quarantine — now close to 3,000 — is alarming enough.

The final decision is made by the state health department, which issues daily COVID briefings. They also will decide what a return to the “yellow” light actually means.

Restrictions can include a ban on alcohol sales, a curfew, limit restaurant hours and capacity, and shake up wedding plans.

During a visit to the Siglo XXI Convention Center, where the booster vaccinations for teachers began , the governor clarified that Omicron seems to be a milder COVID, “but we must not trust ourselves or lower our guard.”

“There will be a very fast contagion, from a lot of people,” he said.

Also Wednesday, three patients died, an uptick from the daily average.

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