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Yucatan nears 13,000 COVID cases and deaths continue to rise

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Dra. Patricia Muños Miranda, head of the Program Against Respiratory Diseases, lists new infections and fatalities by municipality during Tuesday’s SSY briefing. Photo: Facebook

Yucatan’s coronavirus cases reached 12,963, including 145 new cases while daily deaths continued a gradual climb that began Sunday. Recoveries reached 10,235 including 135 announced Tuesday.

Another 35 people perished in the previous 24 hours, SSY officials said, bringing total fatalities to 1,721 since the pandemic reached Yucatan.

The Health Ministry said infections included 101 in Merida, seven in Buctzotz, six in Progreso, four in Tizimín, three in Ticul and Valladolid, three foreigners, two cases in Celestún, Panabá, Umán and Yaxkabá; and a case in Acanceh, Chankom, Chemax, Cuzamá, Dzan, Hunucmá, Kanasín, Maxcanú, Muna and Teabo.

The deceased included 23 men and 12 women between 46 and 89 years old. Most had other conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney failure, COPD or a history of smoking, said Dra. Patricia Muños Miranda, speaking for the SSY.

Twenty fatalities were in Mérida, three in Motul, two from Ticul and one from Celestún, Chemax, Chocholá, Hunucmá, Izamal, Temax, Tizimín, Ucú, Umán and Valladolid.

Current patients include 428 at home in stable condition and 525 in the hospital, four more since the day before.

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