Yucatan opens Serie del Rey with a 5-4 win

César Valdez struck out 13 to beat Monclova 5-4 in an electrifying starter of the Serie del Rey. Photo: Leones

Monclova, Coah. —  A suspenseful game ended with a victory for the Leones after Jorge Flores drove in Sebastian Valle with a sacrifice fly in the eighth inning.

Yucatan celebrated the 5-4 win over the Acereros del Norte on Tuesday, the first game of the Serie del Rey, Mexico’s version of the World Series.

The sacrifice fly by Flores capped a two-run inning and gave the Leones a 5-4 lead after Valle hit an RBI single earlier in the inning.

Flores hit a sacrifice fly in the second inning and Jonathan Jones hit a solo home run in the third to give the Leones a 2-0 lead. The Acereros came back to take the lead in the fifth inning when Jose Amador hit a solo home run and Eric Young Jr. hit a two-run home run.

Monclova went up 4-3 in the seventh when Noah Perio hit a solo home run.

Starter Cesar Valdez (18-2) got the win after striking out 13 in seven innings, while Al Alburquerque (3-2) took the loss in relief.

“What we wanted today was achieved, the boys did a great job in the field; my pitching broke well and that helped us get ahead in the game,” said Valdez.

The Leones are undefeated in the post season.

The series continues 7:30 p.m. today (Wednesday) at the Monclova Stadium when Yoanner Negrin (2 -0, 0.64 ERA) faces Jaime Lugo (0-0, 21.60 ERA) on the mound.

The game can be seen on Multimedios, SKY Sports, TUDN, SIPSE TV and Tele Yucatán. On radio, fans can tune in RASA Chain, Grupo Radio Centro, La Comadre 98.5 and KISS 97.7.

Or online, find the game on Facebook Live and the Internetv and Cinépolis KLIC platforms.

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Win: Valdez (1-0)

Loss: Alburquerque (0-1)

Saves: Lueke (1)

HR: Jones (1) for YUC; Amador (1), Young Jr. (1), Perio (1) for MVA

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