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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Yucatán reports 0 infections and deaths for the 2nd time

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For only the second time since the coronavirus pandemic reached Yucatán, state health officials reported zero infections and deaths in the past 24 hours.

Neither did the needle move on recoveries, the first time that has happened.

Hospital admissions declined by two, and quarantines rose by the same number, on Saturday. Public hospitals are caring for eight COVID patients and another 20 are under quarantine in their own homes.

Officially, 109,603 COVID infections have been reported in Yucatán, but the number is thought to be many times higher because the state’s limited testing abilities would likely allow many cases to go unnoticed by health officials. Data from private hospitals is also missing from the official record.

About 93.6% of patients with COVID have survived, the health ministry’s data indicates. Nearly 7,000 deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yucatán’s first day with zero deaths and infections was March 22. Last week five patients died and 15 new infections were reported.

Facemasks and social distancing are still part of the protocol for public behavior, although concerts and large social events will be at 100% capacity starting Monday, local media reported.

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