Yucatán is the safest state in the country. Here’s why.

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Investment in infrastructure and security has paid off in Yucatán, Milenio reports.

While in some states, citizens are fleeing organized crime and fear the authorities because they believe they are on the wrong side of the law, a contrary phenomenon occurs in Yucatán. That’s because criminal structures have not been established here and the police are generally trusted by the citizens. 

Statistics from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System show impressive crime reductions. 

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Security policies have managed to contain criminal groups and have allowed the capture of members of cartels that sought to settle in the area.

The state has more than 700 surveillance cameras, 80 percent concentrated in Mérida. Security measures here have attracted people fleeing violence in the north, center and west of the country seeking refuge in Yucatán, where there are almost 2 million inhabitants.

Like other states, Yucatán has a dedicated anti-kidnapping unit. In other states, the unit would be hopping. At the national level there were nearly 1,000 kidnappings between January and September this year. In Yucatán, just four kidnappings have been reported in the last decade.

Also in the last 10 years there have been 424 homicide reports, one of the lowest rates in the nation.

Despite low crime rates, Gov. Rolando Zapata in March launched a 1.5-billion-peso program called Yucatán Shield, which aims to protect the state’s 106 municipalities with crime prevention policies and strengthen the state’s legal framework and technological capabilities.

“Yucatán is a state that has always remained on alert with regard to delinquency, it has invested in infrastructure and in training in its public security institutions,” said Ariel Francisco Aldecua, the Attorney General of Yucatán, in explaining the “recipe” for the state’s security. “Citizen participation in prevention measures is also a very important factor, as is the habit of reporting crimes.”

The president of the Chamber of Transformation Industries in Yucatán said entrepreneurs in the state have complete trust in security authorities because of their open attitude.

“There exists a council integrated by business owners, entrepreneurial leaders, chambers, education authorities, citizen representatives and pertinent authorities where all security issues are addressed, where there’s consensus and there are proposals that are taken into account in developing security strategies,” said Mario Can Marín.

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