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Yucatán sends 11 students to UN as model delegates

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A group of university students meet with a state official before heading to the United Nations for a model program. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — A group of 11 college students from Yucatán have formed a United Nations delegation of sorts.

They are in New York City for the Future We Want, a UN model program, to share their views with over 2,000 other delegates.

They will participate in rigorous debates about critical global issues, such as international development, peace, and security.

Delegates will debate the UN General Assembly’s Economic and Social Council and other official committees, giving them the opportunity to live the experience of diplomats.

With debate issues picked directly from the United Nations agenda, their conclusions will be submitted to the United Nations Secretariat for review.

Model UN is designed to train future world leaders and introduce them to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Delegates’ travel and hotel expenses are covered by scholarships.

Before the trip, students Rubén Solórzano Selem, Adriana Domínguez, María Luisa Barroso Chan, Jacqueline Molina Cen, David Ricardo Eb Novelo, Sergio Raúl Coral Villegas, Elías Osorio Parra, Mayanín Chan Cabrera and Alejandra Mejía Palma, from the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY); as well as Gabriela Cervera Suárez, of Marista; and Gabriel Abraham Martín Cárdenas, of the Technological Institute of Mérida (ITM), held a meeting with the state general coordinator of advisors, Eric Rubio Barthell.

During the meeting, the students talked about their experience in the United Nations Model of the UADY (Uadymun).

In turn, Rubio Barthell acknowledged the importance for the state that Yucatecans participate in this important meeting.

He also highlighted the importance of this activity for the development of states and municipalities, as it has become a tool to obtain additional resources to further the environment, education, innovation, the economy and culture.

Rubio Barthell shared examples of actions implemented in the United States, China and Italy which have led to jobs in Yucatán.

Source: Press release

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