Yucatán to help pay for bikes so more can enjoy the new paths

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A jogger in Mérida yields to two cyclists on the Paseo de Montejo. The paths were since painted green. File photo

Mérida’s 45 miles of new bike paths are nearly complete, but one thing they’re missing is bikes.

The occasional bicyclist seems to be enjoying the green-painted path on the Paseo de Montejo, but not on a large scale. The new bike paths carved out of the Prolongacíon have been overrun with cars, using the path as an access lane for right turns. Those are marked as reserved for buses and bikes only.

So the Yucatecan Institute of Entrepreneurs is offering financial support for anyone buying a bike under the sustainability program Impulso a la Movilidad Sostenible.

The head of the institute, Antonio González Blanco, said that the initiative offers 800-peso credits toward a new bike.

“This program is a subsidy of 50% of the cost of more than 20 authorized models,” he said.

“With this program promoted by Gov. Mauricio Vila, we want those who participate in this call to have easy and low-cost access to a sustainable means of transport, and the benefit of new forms of urban mobility that impacts in a positive way the economy and health of the citizens,” added González Blanco.

Bicimotos branches in García Ginerés and Santiago and Bicimaya in Centro are participating in the program until April 5.

By one measure, Yucatán has 57 bicycles per every 100 homes, making it the state with the most bicycles per capita in Mexico. 

For more information, visit the institute or email impulsomovilidad@yucatan.gob.mx.

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