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Friday, January 27, 2023

Yucatán wakes up to a cold and windy ‘Mukul’

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Mark Callum, a Mérida resident originally from England, helped this Chevy’s owner move a huge branch behind the Paseo de Montejo near Calle 39 on a windy Sunday afternoon. Photo: Mark Callum

Refreshing to some expats but not for many locals, a cold front dubbed “Mukul” arrived early Sunday. It brought cool temperatures, some moderate downpours and powerful wind gusts.

Yucatán feels like an early New England fall when Mukul hangs around. In the interior of the state, where houses aren’t built for chills, lows can dip to 10C or 50F.

Occasional gusts on the Peninsula might reach 60 kph / 37 mph, forecasters said.

Winds will be gone by afternoon and rain is absent from the forecast for the week ahead.

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