Yucatán’s daily COVID cases return to triple digits; quarantines soar

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Another 135 coronavirus cases were found Wednesday in Yucatán. It was the first time since February that daily infections were in triple digits and the largest single-day spike in weeks.

One fatality, a 70-year-old Mérida woman, died from COVID-19, state health personnel reported. It was the third death this month, and one more than Yucatán recorded in all of May.

A fifth wave of infections began last month, according to official data, with cases up nearly 140% in the past two weeks, El Universal reported.

Most cases involve mild symptoms and quarantine. The Yucatán health ministry reported 1,168 such cases, up by 295 in a week. Hospitalizations fell by one to reach 11 in public facilities.

In March and up until mid-April, daily cases had dropped to zero or one. But the rebound reflects an increase in infections around the world. In the United States, for example, daily cases are now around 100,000 compared to under 30,000 in late March, according to a New York Times database.

Yucatán remains at the green light, with face masks no longer required in open spaces. Pedestrians in the Centro, however, still tend to favor using the mouth coverings in city streets.

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