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30 coronavirus deaths in Yucatan include a 14-year-old

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An elderly man, apparently recovered from coronavirus, is discharged from temporary hospital facilities at one of Merida’s convention centers. Photo: Courtesy

The Yucatan Health Secretariat on Saturday reported 30 more coronavirus deaths and 204 new cases in the past 24 hours. Victims were as young as 14.

Hospitalizations, however, dropped by 56, bringing relief to a strained medical system that has been placing overflow patients into a convention center. A day earlier, another 88 hospital beds became available.

Fatalities included 17 men and 13 women. The 14-year-old was from Dzilam González and also suffered from chronic malnutrition and was feeding through a tube. He was the fifth minor to die in Yucatan during the pandemic. On June 22, a 6-month-old from Candelaria Campeche died with congenital anomalies. On July 12, a 3-year-old girl from Quintana Roo died, also suffering from immunosuppression. On July 12, a Merida child under 14 also died, also suffering from leukemia. And on July 24, a 5-year-old diabetic girl from Espita also succumbed to COVID-19.

Recoveries nearly equaled new infections at 200 cases.

Yucatan health officials have counted 405 deaths and 11,541 infections since the crisis began in March.

Today, 558 patients were well enough to stay at home under quarantine, while the other 542 were under hospital care. All are under state health ministry surveillance. Additional hospitalized patients have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and are waiting for a diagnosis.

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