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Expelled Playboy model: ‘Nothing can stop a bunny!’

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A Playboy model makes light of her legal situation on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/marieplaymate

Mérida, Yucatán — After being detained 24 hours for not having proper visas, six people working at the Playboy Music Fest were given 20 days to leave the country.

But at least two Playboy models had the last word on social media.

On Sunday morning, the workers, including models from various countries, were released from the Merida station of the INM, which controls immigration.

According to sources inside the INM, six foreigners from countries including Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, France, Venezuela and the United States were caught up in a raid during a Playboy-branded mix-and-mingle music party at Hacienda Chichi Suárez.

The Playmates presented expired tourist visas and lacked permission to work in Mexico, according to local media reports.

Among the seven foreigners detained by INM were two international Playboy stars, Turkish model Elif Celik — who has been featured in the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine, and French covergirl Marie Brethenoux, who posed last March in the Portuguese edition.

One Playboy model did not waste time once released and went frolicking on the Yucatecan coast.

Posting a photograph where she appears bathing in Progreso, she wrote, “Nothing can stop a bunny!”

On Instagram and Twitter, Celik and two friends posed as if in invisible handcuffs. “Even after jail in Merida nothing can stop us! Bunnies warriors,”  reads the caption. The photo was apparently taken by the Hampton Inn in Mérida.

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