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For sale, for rent, or just for fun.The Yucatán Peninsula’s most interesting homes.

Now on the market is a dreamy and magnificent 8,000-square-foot French Colonial Art Nouveau mansion in Mérida’s most desirable neighborhood. It is a five-minute drive from the historic downtown, shopping, hotels, and restaurants and just 15 minutes from all that Mérida’s north offers. This romantic property is a lush and...
Walking around Centro we find many parks and public spaces to explore. The first of this series is El Parque de Santa Ana.
During colonial times, the Plaza Mayor witnessed the swearing-in of Spanish kings, religious processions, bullfights, and many more important events.
Trading Los Angeles for a new life in Yucatán would never be easy. But the payoff has been huge for Monica Petrus, an artist who has become “Monica de Hocabá,” and a bit of a celebrity.  Her house in Hocabá is her co-star. On the massive walls of its front rooms,...
The Casas Gemelas are a pair of French-style mansions built in the early 20th century. Their construction began in 1906 and they were inaugurated on Dec. 24, 1911.
Although it has largely grown in popularity for newcomers, Cholul still retains its town designation as well as most of its traditions and customs.
Around the time Newell Turner parted ways with a prominent New York City magazine publisher, he started working on a hefty book that would come to chronicle Mexico’s lush aesthetic legacy. Mexican: A Journey Through Design — all 4.28 pounds of it — was finally released in May 2023. Despite...
Texas-born Jenne Maag is known in the fashion world for her eponymous SoHo boutique. A lesser-known project of hers began almost 20 years ago when she snapped up a romantically ornate casona on Calle 47 in Mérida.   “What do you know about the history of the house?” I ask....
García Ginerés is one of Mérida’s oldest neighborhoods outside the downtown core. For the past couple of decades, Mérida’s younger generations have dismissed it as antiquated and boring, but I find that this perception is starting to change. During the late 19th century, the area that would become García Ginerés...
After being seemingly abandoned for some time, its 2020 for-sale announcement reawakened curiosity for the building.
A neighborhood of great importance in the city, it emerged in the late 1940s, under the government of Ernesto Novelo Torres, but did not become relevant until the following decade. 
At roughly 165 kilometers from Mérida, Espita is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination for people looking to experience the wonders of colonial Yucatán.
The park, which measures about a full city block, features a roller skating rink, a children's playground, a large esplanade with a musical fountain, green areas, and a stage where artistic and cultural events are frequently held.
The splendor and flare of the mansions became a symbol of the economic success brought to the state by the “green gold era” — the henequén times, which coincided with the Porfiriato. 
We first came to Mérida in 2004, our second trip to Yucatán, the first having been devoted to Chichén Itzá, Tulum, Puerto Ventura, and Isla Mujeres. This second trip was a circumnavigation of the Peninsula and began in Mérida, which we used as a base for exploration of Uxmal...
The 12th edition of Fundación BAI’s Showcase of Homes will be more spectacular than ever.  Yucatán Magazine, among the event’s sponsors, got a peek at two of the seven homes on Sunday’s tour. Louis Navarrete, an interior designer, and Ric Best, an artist, and insatiable book collector, came to Merida in...
Combined with its unbeatable location and beautiful surroundings, it is no surprise that Santa Lucía has become one of Mérida’s most iconic parks.
Many of us gravitate toward beginner-friendly plants and often remain on that level. But if you’re looking to embark into a leafier, more colorful world, it may be time you moved on to ‘level two.’
After two decades in Mérida, her homes are among the most distinctive around. They are richly styled, embrace available materials and connect to their surroundings.
Laura and Alan's home a couple of blocks from Espita's main square has become Casona Los Cedros, a restaurant, bar and boutique hotel remodeled by Laura herself.
Walking around Calle 37, a couple of blocks east of the Paseo de Montejo in Mérida, keep an eye out for the modern block facade of Casa Chaká.
In Mérida, construction permits are different depending on the area in which you’re building. As the Centro Histórico is one of the most popular neighborhoods for newcomers, there are some technical — and legal considerations to keep in mind.
Its yellow church, French cobblestone streets, and botanical garden are testimony of the passing of time throughout the capital.
When Ric Kokotovich and Alison Wattie expanded their Mérida home by buying the lot next door, they took an opportunity to upgrade their workspaces.  And upgrade they did. Their original home is now a guest house. Casa El Tamarindo, the home they built, is all new. It’s dramatic, airy and...
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