First Christmas Will be Festive at the New La Plancha Park

Earlier this week, poinsettias and other flowers were being arranged to form the 2023 Camino de Flores at La Plancha. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

El Paseo Navideño de las Flores marks the first Christmas celebration at the new La Plancha park beginning on Saturday. The Christmas-themed flower path includes floral topiaries resembling bears, dogs, reindeer and other animals. 

Flower paths have been a growing tradition in Mérida since 2017, but this is the first time it has had such a spacious platform: The freshly inaugurated Parque La Plancha. 

A Christmas tree is among the holiday installations at La Plancha. It will be ready by Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

State workers have been placing hundreds of 30,000 planted flowers by the 50-meter-high flagpole, while on the concrete elevated walkway, a nativity scene and other holiday-themed vignettes are ready for your Instagram page. A Christmas several meters high is adorned with silver, red, and gold ornaments and topped with a star.

Already visible is a reindeer flower sculpture appearing to pull a red sleigh. 

The original Camino de Flores in Merida in Mejorada was an instant hit with the public. Photo: Ayuntamiento

True to the park’s railroad heritage, one of the restored trains on display appears to have a penguin as an engineer with a gingerbread man as a passenger. In one of the cars is space for visitors to get on and take pictures.

The 2023 Christmas Flower Walk (El Paseo Navideño de las Flores) runs through Jan. 6 and is open and free to the public from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

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