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In Yucatan, a decrease in coronavirus infections and deaths

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A school teacher begins her first virtual class as children in Yucatan begin the new semester by avoiding the coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatan health authorities reported 13 coronavirus-related fatalities Monday, the lowest one-day death tally since July 3. Just a week ago, daily fatalities numbered in the high 20s to mid-30s. On Sunday, 20 deaths were reported.

August began with 604 hospital beds occupied by someone suffering from COVID-19. But today, hospitalizations decreased by 57, to reach 414. The other 627 current patients are in stable condition and recovering at home.

Another 110 infections were also reported in the last 24 hours, a total far below last week’s daily average of 161 new cases. Dra. Patricia Muñoz Miranda, leader of the Program against Respiratory Diseases of Yucatán, also reported 69 recoveries, with 79% of all coronavirus patients eventually rallying from the virus.

New cases included 76 in Merida, seven in Tekax, four in Valladolid, two in Motul, Muxupip, Progreso and Tizimín; and 1 in Akil, Buctzotz, Chapab, Dzan, Hunucmá, Izamal, Kanasín, Muna, Oxkutzcab, Panabá, Peto, Suma, Telchac Puerto, Temozón and Yaxcucul. Throughout Yucatán, to date there have already been 13,853 cases of coronavirus.

Fatalities included seven men and six women between 32 and 76 years of age. Comorbidities included hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney failure, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Ten were from Merida while the others were from Valladolid, Yaxkukul or from another state or country. This brings Yucatan’s total COVID-19 deaths to 1,855.

Signaling the end of summer season for some, school began virtually on Monday as children were allowed to attend class online to avoid the coronavirus.

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