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Kinchil mayor announces he has contracted COVID-19

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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Kinchil Mayor Valentín Pech Dzib presents an electronic tablet to a deaf school girl on Jan. 31. Photo: Facebook

The mayor of Kinchil is the latest Yucatan politician to test positive for COVID-19.

Valentín Pech Dzib reported Thursday on social media that he is quarantined at home after first feeling coronavirus symptoms on Monday. He said he feels “ugly in the body” but is in stable condition.

His wife also contracted the virus, he said.

“This pandemic still continues and we are all prone to infection, so I ask you to please continue to take care of each other. I also thank those who have asked me about my health, I ask God to give strength to all the people who are in recovery,” added the mayor.

Photo on his Facebook page show Pech Dzib consistently wearing a face mask but standing in close proximity to constituents.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of two mayors in Yucatán. In July, both the Maxcanú Mayor Marlene de los Ángeles Catzín Cih and Samahil Mayor Rigoberto Javier Tun Salas perished while serving their second terms. A high-ranking judge in Yucatan also died after contracting the virus. Mexico City’s mayor is another high-profile elected official who has battled the illness.

The governor of Yucatan and a top state official also recovered from coronavirus infections in 2020, as did an unknown number of legislators.

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