Locals keen to explore Yucatán once again

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One of most stunning offerings from the local area, Las Coloradas. Photo: Twitter @GlobalSunSeeker

Times have been tough of late, which is why many locals are desperate to return to normal life and explore the delights of Yucatán and everything that the state has to offer. From its pristine beaches to its amazing Mayan ruins, Yucatán is a wonderful place to live.

The Yucatán Peninsula is famous all around the world for its vast coastline, which has an array of options to take in and enjoy. Wildlife is evident; the beaches are unrivaled, the historical sites are intriguing, alongside the quaint small villages and the vast array of activities that can be enjoyed. Alternatively, perhaps lounging around on the beach with a book or a game of poker holdem available at www.slotsheaven.com/ca is more your thing. Ultimately, whatever it is that you’re after, Yucatan has you covered with its natural beauty and nature, which help contribute towards what is generally a stunningly beautiful and relaxing environment to be in.

With normal life on the horizon, here’s a look back at some of the treasures of Yucatan that the locals can’t wait to enjoy once again.

Chichen Itza

A centrepiece of the Mayan archaeological scene in the country, Chichen Itza is a popular tourist attraction and a local favorite. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it covers 5 square kilometres as people take in the archaeology and the amazing stone buildings, alongside capturing some pictures along the way. When it comes to photogenic locations, you’ll struggle to beat Chichen Itza.

Las Coloradas

One of most stunning offerings from the local area, Las Coloradas is around three hours from Cancun and has been a popular destination for people, be it on holiday or for a day trip, for a long time. Like something from a world of magic, the lake turns bright pink, creating what is a truly unique and memorable setting thanks to its salt production, which essentially ends up turning the water a reddish-pink color. Ideal for driving or walking, you might even see some flamingos along the way too!

Isla Holbox

Perhaps more attractive to tourists, swimming with whale sharks is a dream for many people. These monsters, which weigh up to 20,000 pounds and can grow up to 40 feet long, are humongous and offer an experience of a lifetime. The sleepy island paradise of Isla Holbox offers up the perfect location to immerse yourself in nature and create a memory you’ll never forget.


If you ask many people from the state where the best selection of beaches is, they’ll generally tell you to go to Tulum. With some of the greatest and most beautiful beaches from all around the world, Tulum is populated with a variety of people, from locals to celebrities, who are keen to relax in a setting that is hard to beat. There’s a comprehensive selection of spas, restaurants, diving, cycling, and mangrove and wildlife tours to enjoy.


Swimming in cenotes is a popular activity for many local people as a lot of the underground caves offer up the clearest water many swimmers will experience, all in a truly magical and unique setting in an underground cave. A perfect remedy for the heat, these swimming holes are prominent throughout Yucatán, with around 2000 being enjoyed by all.


Whether it’s for its vibrant atmosphere, an array of different food, or the option of racing Lamborghinis, Cancun is a riotous city offering a line-up of options like no other. Known in particular for its fun and entertaining nightlife, Cancun is full of all-inclusive resorts and exclusive villas, making it a favorite with holidaymakers, although many locals enjoy its delights also.


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