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Make no Bones about it, Mike’s pizzas ‘just plain taste good’

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Dave O. Dodge
Dave O. Dodgehttp://www.meridabnb.com/
Dave O. Dodge is a misplaced New Englander and entrepreneur who has been a supporter of small businesses and charities his entire life. His writing has been featured in Food & Flourish, Bite, Frontdoors, Prime Living, Echo and INMexico. His current projects are “The Seasons of Grace – The unauthorized origin of Peyton Place” and a retelling of the 1960s “Betty & Barney Hill Abduction.” Dave and his husband own and operate Ochenta y Dos [an urban bed & breakfast} and #82adventures, a private excursion company specializing in the Yucatan. Sign up for the Yucatán Roundup, a free newsletter, which delivers the week's top headlines every Monday.
Mike Bones makes and delivers a variety of pizzas including a New England-inspired Nor’easter pie, left, and Creamy Roasted Garlic and Spinach Pizza., which comes on a regular or gluten free/low carb crust based on almond flour. Photos: Courtesy

“The timing was right and we were ready to move,” Mike explained. “My wife and I always had a goal to live in Mexico,” he added.

The lure of a foreign country with its diverse culture and food was just one factor that made the decision easy.

“But the weather,” he said, “was perfect and it sealed the deal.”

A true Yankee from New England, Mike and his wife with their extended family, a prized beagle named Francessa and two cats, now call Colonia Santiago home.

“It’s been almost eight years,” he said. “We love living in Merida and we do not miss the winters in Massachusetts.”

With a background as an educator in engineering and a furniture maker, he knows his way around a workshop. Now that shop just happens to be his kitchen.

Mike would cook for friends. His range of comfort foods were just what they needed during the pandemic crisis. “There is nothing like your favorite foods to remind you of better times.”

Mike Bones Gourmet Pizza and More is a mom-and-pop operation that was literally borne of need.

“I started making my own pizza because I could not find one here that I liked,” he explained. “We served it to our friends, they wanted more.”

With the encouragement from the expat community, Mike Bones Gourmet Pizza was established.

“We use only finely milled organic flour and herbs for our signature crust,” Mike said. He also said that nothing gets on the menu before he creates a mock-up for his tasters, who send it back or give their seal of approval.

“I like variety. Our toppings are diverse, plentiful and frankly, just plain taste good,” he chuckled. One of his more creative pizza pays homage to his roots in New England, The Nor’easter is a special pizza with Genoa ham, purple onions, fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced pickles on a garlic base, hold the snow.

The pizzas come frozen and can be heated very easily in a lightly oiled frying pan; a cast-iron skillet works perfectly. The crust is a perfect combination of crusty and juicy, and when combined with his creative toppings it makes for a truly tasty treat. The crusts are also diverse, he offers low-carb and gluten-free. Each week there are specials which he promotes on his Facebook page. The prices range from 130 to 150 pesos and he will deliver them to Centro, Garcia Gineres and Itzimna. Special arrangements can be made for other areas, including the beach.

Business continues to grow and the word-of-mouth from his clients is the best form of marketing for him. Recently he has expanded his culinary skills to other frozen food items to include Homemade Italian Meatballs, Bone Broth, Meat Loaf and, of course, Boston Baked Beans.

Mike and his products can be found on Facebook at “Mike Bones Gourmet Pizza and more” or by WhatsApp, 999-169-9217. Weekly specials as well as his regular menu are published on his page

“Home delivery is what we are doing,” he added. “Before COVID, I was at the Slow Food market.” With the current situation, he has no plans on returning to the Saturday market and will accommodate his clients with deliveries.

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