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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Marcelo Chic fashion models make a big splash

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The sexy summer 2023 collection by Marcelo Chic. Outfits are custom-made for each customer. Footwear by Barrera Shoes. Yucatán Magazine collage with photos @ Marcelo Chic

In the city where it always seems to be summertime, Yucatecan designer “Marcelo Chic” presented his 2023 Summer Collection for men on Saturday. 

Marcelo Chic summer fashions make it down the runway. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

Spectators applauded mix-and-match outfits made from cotton, linen and silk, followed by long flowing, flared casual, colorful trousers in various styles suited for chilling out post-swim.  

Sexy loungewear by Marcelo Chic. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

Rounding off the 36 pieces were the speedos and trunks, making a splash, literally, as all the models marched to the end of the red-carpeted runway and into the swimming pool.

Models frolic in the pool after an exhausting day on the runway. Photo: Marcelo Chic via Mark Callum

The collection’s printed lycra fabrics were a mix of subtle and bright colors and patterns that complemented luxurious textures. The show was well received by an enthusiastic, invitation-only crowd, many donning Kentucky Derby and polo club attire.

Marcelo Chic summer funwear. Right, Mark Callum directed and documents the fashion show. Footwear by Barrera Shoes. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

The day’s predicted tropical downpour couldn’t dampen the mood, especially as the models tossed a beachball while looking glamorous. 

Marcelo Chic is the brand of local fashion designer Marcelo Lopez. Partner Mark Callum produced the presentation, drawing on his 32 years as a BBC-TV director in London.

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