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Marcelo Chic fashion forecast calls for a ‘Bright Future’

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The Bright Future fashion show in Merida, Yucatán. Photo ⓒ Marcelo Chic

Marcelo Chic’s first full fashion collection, Bright Future, is glamorous and light-hearted, evoking our continued emergence from darkness.

Strong colors and dramatic silhouettes marked Marcelo López’s 28-piece spring-summer 2023 fashion show that glided down a beautifully lit glass runway suspended over water.

The 28 models, and a chihuahua wearing canine couture, were cheered by over 100 attendees and shot by several press photographers, one using a drone to capture the excitement from above. 

The Bright Future fashion show in Merida, Yucatán. Photo ⓒ Marcelo Chic

Marcelo says his inspiration comes from everyday life, the flowers he sees, and the colors from all around Mexico. His love for vivid hues is reflected in his fashions. 

On Noche Blanca, he visited SoHo Galleries and saw two paintings whose beautiful garlands of flowers resonated with the collection he was creating and he thought they would make a beautiful backdrop for his show. This then developed into a collaboration with the gallery’s owner, Adele Aguirre, with his autumn-winter 2023 collection to be hosted at SoHo next spring.

Behind the scenes at Bright Future: All 28 models line up to march their fashions down the runway. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

Marcelo López was born in Mérida and graduated from UVM in 2020 with a double diploma in fashion and design. Now, with the construction of his new expanded studio almost complete and his colorful cotton men’s shirts on the racks at Matilda on Paseo de Montejo, his future looks very bright indeed. 

The Bright Future fashion show in Merida, Yucatán. Photo ⓒ Marcelo Chic

Some looks gave off a sexy vibe while others were pure fairytale romance. In an unexpected piece of mini-theater, a handsomely caped Prince Charming, shimmering in lemony yellow and white, summons a dainty princess from a balcony above. The princess descends onto the stage draped in layers of satin charmeuse, her dress covered in delicate hand-sewn flowers and her flowing train carried by a young girl appropriately attired in girly pink. 

A fairytale moment at the Bright Future fashion show. ⓒ Marcelo Chic

Red romantic hearts swirled on a video screen and lush music swelled. It was a surprise moment of innocence and sweetness that felt right for the time.

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