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New Baxal Ja water park was a hit, even before the heat

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Baxal Ja has proven to be popular, even in cool weather. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — Local companies have joined international food franchises in expressing interest in getting in on the action at the Baxal Ja Water Park.

Twenty commercial spaces are available at the new attraction, which opened at the end of last year. Food vendors who are granted concessions there will be announced at the middle of this year.

Since its opening and despite some recent cold days, organizers report an influx of nearly 500 people every weekend — and now that the heat has arrived, that number is expected to triple.

The president of Yucatán’s Institute of Fair Promotions, Juan José Abraham Achach, said that they are still fine-tuning final details so the park operates at 100 percent. Adding food stalls is among the final details.

Officials are monitoring peak hours and days so they can be more efficient, he said. In addition to observing the operation of the property, his team is studying shops to complement the water park, “which have to be attractive to the people.”

They are also deciding whether to grant a space for a Casa de las Artesanías (House of Handicrafts), since they want to give preference to what is created in the state.

Baxal Ja was meant to be a new attraction at the annual Xmatkuil fair, but construction setbacks caused a delay of about two months. Its water slides and games, wave pool and lazy river are a particularly attractive option during Yucatán’s notorious heat waves.

The 80-million-peso park comprises 30,000 square meters.

Source: Sipse

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