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Shelter dogs fly north for new homes

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The animal shelter Evolución A.C. is sending five dogs to Canada for adoption. Photo: Facebook

Sometimes, the shelter dogs at Evolución Animal A.C. need to take a long journey to find their “forever homes.”

Five more lucky dogs are following the path that has meant a new happy new chapter for many of their predecessors: They are being be flown to the Lincoln County Humane Society in Ontario. There are three crates for five pups: Ollie, who needs a crate to himself, and Morita will bunk with Apricot, and Pithaya with Tork.

A very special friend of Evolución is paying the air fare for their escort. But the plane ticket is just the start. The cost of sending an Evolución dog from Merida to Ontario is $4,000 pesos/$260 USD, to cover vet fees, SNAP test for heart worm/tick-borne diseases, drugs if necessary, vaccinations, crates, WestJet cargo fees, Canadian Customs charges, gas and tolls from Evolución to the Cancun airport.

Volunteers outside Mérida are presently caring for 240-plus dogs at their San Lorenzo shelter, where volunteers work constantly to place them into loving homes.

Since November 2013, Evolución has shipped 50 dogs to Ontario, and all were adopted in a matter of weeks of arriving in the Great White North.

The window of opportunity to transport them is limited because they can only fly in the cooler months. WestJet does not accept pets at the Cancun Airport from May 15 to Oct. 31 because of extreme temperatures, and does not accept pets any time of the year at the Mérida Airport.

Many of these dogs were long-timers, rescues who spent between three and five years at Evolución. 

As you can imagine, this is a financial commitment, and Evolución depends entirely on generous donors.

Click here to make a donation through PayPal. Or if you prefer to make a cash donation, please email patintheyucatan@gmail.com.

Donors will be kept posted on their Canadian journey, and receive a copy of Evolución’s 2016 Calendar, Paws in the Kitchen, of which Yucatán Expat Life is a proud sponsor (check out May!).

(This story was originally posted Oct. 24, and was updated after the dogs departed Cancun airport.)

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