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Online Casino Myths Busted! True Facts Around Online Gaming! 

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The online gambling sector has become very profitable, especially in the last decade. The iGaming industry has surpassed any boundaries and brought high-quality casino games to both mobile and desktop devices of users worldwide. 

This is a major factor that promoted the rise of online casino sites that are innumerable nowadays, and you really can choose from hundreds of different casinos with just a couple of taps on your smartphone. In addition to that, the introduction of mobile devices created more opportunities for casino operators to reach an audience of mobile casino players that otherwise would not have had the same chance of playing online casino games on the go. As a result, there is also a spike in the number of mobile casino applications as well as mobile-friendly casino apps. 

All of this demonstrates that online casinos are no longer a taboo topic, and they are not seen as rogue gaming destinations. On the contrary, they have achieved a stellar reputation. That being said, there are still some myths about online casinos, which might defer some casino players from registering on online casino sites. Below, we will provide you with facts about online gambling and what you can expect from registering on casino platforms. 

Online Casinos are Untrustworthy 

It is a myth that online casinos are not safe, and they will disappear with your money, and you won’t be able to contact them ever again. Even though there are some illegal websites out there, there are regulatory bodies that supervise the work of online casinos. 

Namely, gambling agencies such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Swedish Gambling Authority, and other national gambling agencies, for example, the Danish Gambling Authority, are in charge of regulating the work of online casinos.  

They have to ensure that they follow the latest standards and laws in the iGaming sector. For example, they need to have an RNG certificate that proves the fairness of the casino games, and they also need to complete other requirements in order to gain approval from the gambling agency. 

Furthermore, if the online casino holds a valid license from a gambling allegiance agency such as the UK Gambling Commission, for example. This is good enough proof that the casino site is safe, and it operates within the UK laws and guidelines. 

So, you can be sure that your financial details are protected because the casino games are fair, and you can feel secure when you’re registering on that casino site. In other words, before you make a deposit or a withdrawal on an online casino, you know you should read more about their gambling licenses and see whether the casino holds a proper and valid gambling license. 

There Are No Bonuses In Online Games 

Casino sites are actually famous for their solid range of promotions and bonuses. Even in traditional casinos, it is rarely possible to find a welcome bonus or regular offers, but due to digital format of casino sites, it’s very easy to find online casinos that regularly update their collection of bonuses. 

There are online casinos that provide a comprehensive selection of bonuses that are applicable to both new casino players and long-time members of the platform. For example, there are welcome bonuses which include bonus spins, deposit match bonuses, cash-back offers, and extra loyalty points, among other options. At the same time, there is a rise in minimum deposit casinos, which are more accessible to casino players that want to claim bonuses with small deposits. 

Keep in mind that online casinos can have different bonus policies, which also apply to the minimum deposit that you need to make in order to play on the platform or to access certain offers. This is why it’s important to read the terms and conditions and casino bonus policy before registering on a specific casino site. 

Online Casinos Are Not Safe 

Online casinos that have a proper gambling license are safe, and they actually need to fulfill this requirement in order to operate online. They utilize SSL encryption technology to protect the data of online users since you have to prove your identity and complete Know Your Customer procedures. 

Of course, you also make withdrawals and deposits on the platform, and security is important for your personal data hence why casino sites integrate encryption technologies in order to protect your personal details. 

In addition, online casinos also collaborate with independent testing agencies to test the fairness of the casino games because, obviously, you want to play fair casino games online. ECOGRA is one of the reputable independent testing agencies in this category. Lastly, they could also employ other security measures, anti-money laundering practices, firewalls, and antivirus programs in order to further protect the online casino and the casino players from potential cyber-attacks.  

You Can Cheat on Online Casinos  

It’s actually impossible to cheat on an online casino even if you are an experienced high roller from the ranks of James Bond. It’s not beneficial for either the casino players or the casino to offer rigged casino games. But, because the casino games on the platform are based on RNG technology, it is impossible to cheat on reliable casino sites.  

RNG technology is created in a way that ensures every outcome is unique and it’s produced randomly. You cannot tamper with the RNG-based casino games, or any third party would not be able to change the outcome. So, in other words, you cannot cheat on online casinos.

Moreover, they employ many security measures to ensure that every casino player on the platform has verified their identity. For example, with the Know Your Customer Procedure, you are asked to provide a utility bill or a phone bill to further prove your identity and to make sure that no one else is playing on your behalf. 

There are many measures in place to ensure that you are not able to cheat on online casinos. In other words, everything from the casino games to the security measures in place ensures that you are not manipulating the outcome or the operator in any way.  

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