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Altabrisa residents face an uphill battle for a new park

Authorities have begun to partition sections of land designated for a park in the Altabrisa neighborhood.  Neighbors are concerned about rumors that this is being...

Parque Tho’: Mérida unveils plans for 20-acre park in Altabrisa

Residents who wanted a park in Altabrisa got their way when Mérida announced a 20-acre "green lung" called Parque Tho'. Parque Tho', under the shadows...

Surrounded by high rises, the ‘ancient Altabrisa’ ruins hide their treasures...

One of the least-known urban archaeological sites is a cluster of Mayan structures located just behind a pair of gleaming luxury condo towers in the Altabrisa neighborhood.

Residents fight to save rare open space in fast-growing Altabrisa

The largest empty plot of land in the city's north should become a park, its neighbors insist. 

Pedestrians a priority for new Altabrisa traffic lights

New, modern traffic lights are coming to areas that need them most, said Gerardo Ojeda Sosa, head of Transit Engineering at the state's Public Security Secretariat (SSP).
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