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Casa Cisterna: An Artist’s Retreat Flows Naturally in Jesús Carranza

A talk with artist (and Yucatán Magazine's creative director) Trey Speegle and architect Erik González about one of Mérida's most talked-about new homes.

Jessica Park: A young architect builds a business from the ground...

Park Estudio defies its youth.  Founded four years ago by architect Jessica Park Zavala, and in association with architect Erick Puc since 2021, it exhibits...

At Binomio Taller, everything is in harmony

Architects started work on Casa Encanto before the property is even purchased.

CENTRO Architects’ Fernando Abreu on how to keep a dream home...

For eight years now, CENTRO Architects have been working to address maintenance issues large and small in Mérida’s Centro. 

FMT Estudio and the art of taking it slow

Zaida and Orlando have been creating narrative-heavy spaces in Mérida since 2015. With an important emphasis on public spaces, they have recycled iconic spaces of the city into new forms of living.

Palacio de la Música wins national award for architecture

Reyes Ríos + Larrain Arquitectos set a precedent for urban projects, Obras editor writes.

Yucatan inspires a dance-party ‘jungle’ in faraway Queens, N.Y.

A Yucatan-inspired jungle has been built in Queens, N.Y., by a pair of architects who returned from a year of living in Merida. The installation...

Merida earns 2 spots on top-10 list of Mexican architecture

Two examples of great architecture in Merida have made Dezeen's Top 10 Mexican projects list for 2018.

Henry Ponce is 1st to renovate Merida’s Fiesta Americana since it...

The hotel zone's Porfirian granddaddy was a little stuck in time. The owners hired a Merida-born designer to correct that.

Local architect wins international award for multifamily home in Mérida’s north

Mérida architect Arturo Carillo Ponce took home an international award for a multi-family project built on a triangular lot in the city's north.

Entretanto: A talk with Salvador Reyes Ríos

La Cúpula's first Entretanto of the season translates to "Place, Matter and Membership," a reference to the new book by architect Salvador Reyes Ríos, who will speak on the subject.

Preview of Reyes Ríos + Larraín’s new book

A preview of "Reyes Ríos + Larraín: Lugar, Materia y Pertenencia," a much-anticipated book by the famous Mérida architect Salvador Reyes Ríos and Josefina Larraín.

An iconic home reimagined in Xcalak

A Mérida architect has drawn inspiration from an iconic modernist home for a new project off Xcalak Reef, near the southern tip of Quintana Roo.

Architect Ponce leads local nominees

The XXIV CEMEX Building Award judges have revealed their favored architectural projects of the year, and a Yucatán architect is at the top of the list.

A building speaks, Arturo Campos listens

Yucatecan architect Arturo Campos found inspiration in Spain before returning to Mérida, PhD. in hand, to establish his reputation and collect many awards. We talked to him and found out he uses his ears as well as his eyes to evaluate designs.
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