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Monica Rezman: A Busy Artist With an Elephant in the Room

Monica Rezman is ready for her upcoming exhibition at Salon Gallos. Photo: Patricia Robert / Yucatán Magazine Getting into Monica Rezman’s studio takes a minute...

Peter Karavais Explains the Motivation Behind Casa Cascabel

Tina Marie Wood and I spent a year traveling around Mexico with the intention of finding the right place to build Casa Cascabel.

Hole earth: A California artist sees virtue beneath the surface

In the California desert, Angel Chen’s white geodesic dome bubbles up from the ground. In Mérida, she’s taken the inverse approach. She’s going underground. Angel...

Animated artistry: JAAR sees movement in his burgeoning career

A Mexican painter introduced to the Mérida art community by Adele Aguirre at SoHo Galleries has found a new direction. Earlier this year, the artist Jorge...

Alfredo Romero: Artful archaeology of the recent past

Armed with a simple but trusty set of tools, artist Alfredo Romero has made his way across Mexico, literally peeling layers of history found...

Celebrating the life and birth of the woman, the icon, Frida...

Born on July 6, 1907, if still alive Frida Kahlo would be turning 116 years old. However, Kahlo passed away on July 13, 1954, at the age of 47.

MEL unlocks private studios where Mérida artists work

A self-guided tour of 26 private art studios will raise money for the Merida English Library.  MEL has enlisted 43 artists from Mexico, Argentina, Canada,...

Emilio Salazar Touché, graduate of the art underground

Mérida artist Emilio Salazar Touché was influenced by muralists and other painters, but his real education came from his own collective.

Yucatán’s symphonic orchestra first violinist Leonel Armenta dies

The death of first violinist, Leonel Armenta, has shaken the OSY after what has already been an terrible month for the state symphony.

Juan Batta: Mérida artist against the wall

For Juan Batta, art was always there. In fact, you could say it was there from the very beginning: in his genes.   His parents...

New comic book chronicles the fall of the Aztec Empire

A new line of comics titled "Aztec Empire” brings to the page in stunning color an account of the fall of this great civilization.

In Merida’s Centro, a hidden gallery houses fascinating, made-in-Mexico art

A warehouse-like space guards the work of dozens of artists from all over the country.

La Casa Azul: The riveting art of Rosy Peraza Rios

She paints her women as contented and serene. They seem to be saying "be gentle with yourself."

This incredible exhibit may be Casa de Montejo’s final bow

The “Detrás de una máscara," exhibition is made up of 36 pieces of art representing an imaginative fusion of mesoamerican mythological animals, as well as masks and two large painted canvases.

Free exhibition featuring the work of artist Marc Chagall on display...

Mérida’s Centro Cultural Olimpo will soon announce dates for an upcoming exhibit, featuring more than 70 works by the early modernist artist Marc Chagall.

Yucatán’s muralism boom —  an explosion of color, tradition and meaning

Yucatán’s history of muralism famously dates all the way back to the elaborate frescoes of the ancient Maya.

A Mérida couple carves out plenty of room to create

When Ric Kokotovich and Alison Wattie expanded their Mérida home by buying the lot next door, they took an opportunity to upgrade their workspaces.  And...

A California artist finds a new life, and new fans, in...

Trading Los Angeles for a new life in Yucatán would never be easy. But the payoff has been huge for Monica Petrus, an artist who...

New York artist finds an unlikely muse in rural Yucatán

Lohin's artistic subject matter ranges from portraits to landscapes and renderings of her favorite model — a donkey named Camila.

New Maya community library opens in Tzucmuc, honors Yucatecan author

This weekend the small, rural community of Tzucmuc in the municipality of Chankom opened its very own community library.

Denisse Sánchez’s colorful paintings flourish in Casa Vico’s garden

Denisse Sánchez invites us to investigate the great universe of Yucatán, as she puts it, through her "Poetic Perspective" exhibit that continues through Oct....

Enamora Mérida, one woman’s vision and the power of positivity

Enamora Mérida began as an idea by Montserrat Pastrana to cheer up the city and offer up a little hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Valladolid’s new MUREM museum honors Mexico’s ethnic clothing

For Tey Mariana Stiteler, the museum’s Director, MUREM is a project born from her love of Mexican culture and design.

New exhibitions honor the life of centenarian artist Emilio Vera Granados

Yucatán’s artistic community is prepared to celebrate the centenary of artist Emilio Vera Granados.
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