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Freediver Lemus beats own world record in cenote Ucil

Despite the dangers, Yucatán’s cenotes continue to attract a growing number of freedivers. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Over 10 tons of garbage removed from 35 cenotes

Cenote X'Canché near Ek Balam. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Some of Yucatán's treasured cenotes continue to...

Cenote dumping ground for 112 electric meters found by divers

A cleanup of the Chen Ha cenote in Kopomá revealed more than ordinary trash and animal remains....

The lure of red ocher could explain human skeletons in Yucatan’s...

Divers found evidence that humans around 12,000 to 14,000 years ago took huge risks while searching for iron-rich red ocher, which...

Divers take home top awards after capturing amazing cenote images

"Diver in the Magic Temple" took home the gold in an underwater photo competition. Photo: Courtesy Photos of...

Festival celebrates sustainable cenote diving and Yucatan communities

Photo: Getty A new three-day diving event that promotes cenote conservation and respect for surrounding communities begins Friday...

Shark tooth fossils, millions of years old, found in Merida cenote

At the bottom a newly discovered cenote in Cholul comes another find: Vestiges of sharks that have been extinct for more than five million years.

Scientist sends tiny biotech bubbles to scrub Yucatan cenotes clean

Biotechnology and nanotechnology will be employed to sanitize Yucatan's sacred cenotes.

Maya activists deliver ‘prize’ for racism to corporate pig farms

Indigenous activists hold a mock ceremony to declare a corporate foe to be racist against Mayan people. Photo: Diario de Yucatan

Why Yucatan can bet on rural tourism

Mexico's fascinating state features tourist-friendly cenotes, haciendas, traditional medicine or honey producers.

Ground swallows street in Garcia Gineres

A huge sinkhole formed Tuesday morning on Calle 28 between 29 and 31 in Col. Garcia Gineres.

Judge temporarily shuts down Homún pig farm

A federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against a huge pig farm in the cenote zone, a victory for the protestors who have rallied against it for more than a year.

Agency retaliates against protestors, attempts to shut down 5 cenotes

While protesters staged a sit-in at the gates of a giant pig processing plant, two vans from an environmental agency arrived and closed five cenotes without explanation.

Treasure trove of Mayan cave paintings discovered in Yucatán

Archaeologist Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi and his team have discovered what could be the most important Mayan cave paintings on the Yucatán Peninsula.

Campaign to protect cenotes from pig farm goes global

Protestors in Humún have made good on their promise to take their campaign to the entire world.

Huge pig farm in cenote zone remains silent pending court ruling

The pig farm in Homún remains silent while two petitions filed by protesters are weighed by a federal court.

Cenote Xlacah yields more Mayan artifacts and remains

Rubble from pre-Hispanic buildings, ceramic remains, and bones from both humans and animal were some of the most recent findings at Cenote Xlacah at the Maya archaeological site Dzibilchaltún.

Cenote-brand tequila made with volcano water from Jalisco

New York City-based Stoli Group on Friday announced the introduction of Cenote Tequila – “Tequila with a Soul.”

Battle against pig farm could reach international body

The lawyer of the human rights group Indignación and a representative of the inhabitants of Homún, Lourdes Guadalupe Medina Carrillo told reporters that they are willing take their fight against a pig farm to the world stage.

Judge sides with pig farm developers, state agencies

A district court judge has declared that complaints about a large pig farm in Homún are unfounded.

State official offers the upside of a pig plant in Cenote...

The planned pig farm in the cenote-rich village of Homún will not be allowed to operate without its own wastewater treatment plant.

Neighbors, pro divers rescue cenote in Cholul

With the support of Bepensa and the leadership of ecological activist Sergio Grosjean, dozens of people will help clean the Zacil Ha de Cholul cenote today.

Otherworldly (and unretouched) cenote photographs exhibited by Dutch artist

With images captured under the waters of the Peninsula's cenotes, Dutch photographer Lianne Strik captures another world.

Nereidas: Photo exhibit explores cenotes

Lianne Strik presents a unique look at cenotes in Yucatán through her underwater photographs.