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Tren Maya Construction Damages Cenotes and Caves South of Cancún

To speed up construction, engineers in charge of Route 5 of the Tren Maya resorted to pouring cement into several cenotes and caves, according to several reputable news sources, including El Financiero. 

The future of Xcaret’s new theme park in Valladolid remains uncertain

Construction at Xibalba theme park on the outskirts of Valladolid has been completed for some time now. Yet there is no firm date for the...

New Mayan Train route to run directly over cenotes

Environmentalists are expressing concern over plans to run tracks for the Mayan Train above caves and cenotes in Quintana Roo. 

Hacienda Mucuyché and its 2 cenotes are ideal for tourists and...

With a long history dating back several centuries, impressive architecture, and pristine cenotes, Hacienda Mucuyché sure has a lot to offer. 

On your way to El Cuyo or Las Coloradas? You can’t...

Though the town is very small, it makes for a worthwhile stop on the way to El Cuyo, the ruins of Kulubá, or Las Coloradas.

Fecal contamination shuts down Dzibilchaltún cenote

Xlacah cenote, will remain closed until further notice due to contamination.

Cenote Suytun beckons lovers of nature and social media alike

All about the magnificent Suytun Centoe on the outskirts of Valladolid.

Pig farm accused of hiding cenotes and filling them in with...

A pig farm in the municipality of Homún is being accused of filling in and hiding two cenotes from environmental authorities. 

AMLO promises action against polluting pig farms in Yucatán

Yucatán’s status as one of Mexico’s large pork producers employs thousands across the state. But this is not without its problems.  According to a recent...

Camping in style at Mexico’s famous cenote ring

About an hour’s drive from Mérida, in Homún, Hameki offers a distinctive experience: glamping. Combining a bit of camping with hotel room amenities, glamping is...

New discoveries shed light on the ‘first Yucatecos’

The discovery of pre-historic human remains near Tulum sheds light on the origins of Yucatán's first inhabitants. 

Rare 1,000-year-old canoe found in cenote near Chichén Itzá

A wooden canoe used by the ancient Maya and believed to be over 1,000 years old has turned up in Yucatán. It is nearly...

Scientists discover a massive underground cave network in Yucatán

The cave system extends from the Chuy Ha Cenote, in the municipality of Kaua, to the Aktun Kaab dry cave, in Santa Rita — which is roughly 85 kilometers away in a straight line. 

More remains of the world’s largest shark found in the depths...

The megalodon, or “big tooth” is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 2.3 to 3.6 million years ago from the early Miocene to the Pliocene periods.

People of Homún awarded Lion Heart award for their fight against...

The recognition comes as Homún continues to fight against pig farms which locals say produce dangerous levels of pollutants that seep into their groundwater. 

Kantunil’s new tourist attraction — the ‘rabbit cenote’

With the new improvements, locals are hoping that visitors from surrounding communities and abroad begin to visit their town and cenote in larger numbers.

Looters target Yucatán cenotes in hopes of finding ancient treasure

The sacking of archaeological has become a serious issue, especially in the sparsely populated south of Yucatán.

Sinkhole appears in Mérida home’s backyard, but family is staying put

The sinkhole revealed a cave system below, but it is still not known how large it is or if other parts of the property are also in danger of caving in.

An obscure cenote is suddenly the talk of Tixkokob

A "new" cenote about 24 miles east of Mérida has excited a small rural community. The watery cave is on the side of the Tixkokob-Nolo...

Supreme court shuts down massive pig farm in Yucatán

The court found that the large pig farm was causing unacceptable levels of pollution and risked catastrophic damage to the region's water supply.

New Xcaret theme park to open in Yucatán by December

Xibalba park will feature a circuit of eight cenotes connected by an artificial flowing river.

New pig farm threatens cenotes and indigenous communities in Yucatán

Environmentalists argue that the construction of a large industrial pig farm within Yucatán’s Cenote Ring could create disastrous levels of contaminants.

Parents say 16-year-old’s drowning in cenote could have been prevented

The parents of a 16-year-old boy who drowned last Saturday in a Quintana Roo cenote say that the accident should have been prevented by...

More CFE meters dredged from the bottom of a cenote

The CFE is investigating how another 95 of its electricity meters ended up in a cenote in Yucatán. Over 100 utility meters were dredged from...
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