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Mérida’s real-estate prices still soaring to new heights

Mérida's Centro and North remain the priciest areas in the city, but prices are spiking everywhere.

From auto repair shop to domestic bliss, fantasy staircase included

Since a new Mérida home was a dream come true both, it seemed fitting that Jim Jones and Ramon Alvarez named this ethereal blue beauty “Casa Dos Sueños.” In the end, they transformed an old auto-repair shop into something out of a fairytale.

Casona Nikte’ — a new way for seniors to experience Mérida

Located in a grand XIX century casona in Mérida’s Santiago neighborhood, Casona Nikte’ offers all of the comforts of home and then some.

CENTRO Architects’ Fernando Abreu on how to keep a dream home...

For eight years now, CENTRO Architects have been working to address maintenance issues large and small in Mérida’s Centro. 

Colonia Mexico: A modernist survivor in the world of Yucatán architecture

A neighborhood of great importance in the city, it emerged in the late 1940s, under the government of Ernesto Novelo Torres, but did not become relevant until the following decade. 

La Casa Azul — The bright blue icon behind Paseo de...

Built in the 19h century, the now boutique hotel was declared a Historic Monument in 1982, and to this day preserves its original French-style architecture. It has become one of the most iconic buildings in Paseo Montejo.

Workshop Architects: The balance between history and modernity

Fabián Gutiérrez met Francisco Bernés while they were both studying architecture in UADY, the state university of Yucatán. After spending some time abroad in Austria, and through their shared influences, they started designing together. 

A walk through the Minaret — Moorish and French-style highlight the...

The splendor and flare of the mansions became a symbol of the economic success brought to the state by the “green gold era” — the henequén times, which coincided with the Porfiriato. 

Ermita retreat: Historic charm and modern amenities

This charming retreat has every feature that you picture in your Mérida dream house. Lots of sunlight, high beamed ceilings, and every detail being...

Colonial new to the market is large, luscious and unspoiled

Mérida Living has just listed its largest property in the Centro, a large and unspoiled treasure on Calle 47. Villa 47 starts at 13.5...

Hundreds of buildings in Mérida’s Centro Histórico are unsound, says a...

According to the city, of the 6,000 structures in Mérida's historic center, 300 are structurally unsound.

Building in Yucatán: Permits and contracts for Mérida’s historic center

In Mérida, construction permits are different depending on the area in which you’re building. As the Centro Histórico is one of the most popular neighborhoods for newcomers, there are some technical — and legal considerations to keep in mind.

Arkilätt: Enlightened architecture in Mérida

For a year and a half, Arkilätt has been designing, remodeling, and building in Mérida, Yucatán. Their emphasis is in restoration, and lighting design.
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