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Progreso Guide: 6 Reasons to Get Off the Cruise Ship

Progreso is growing and has much to offer daytrippers. Here is your Progreso guide with six bright ideas to start you off.

A Maritime Route Between Yucatán and Cuba is in the Works

Discussions to establish a maritime connection between Yucatán and Cuba are underway, according to Cuban consul for the Yucatán Peninsula, Rasiel Calvo Morgolles.

Progreso’s cruise industry reaches new heights, but Cozumel remains in a...

So far in 2022, Progreso has hosted 72 cruise ships with nearly 20,000 passengers and 1,600 crew. 

The world’s new largest cruise ship, ‘Wonder of the Seas,’ docks...

The Mexican island of Cozumel welcomed the world's largest cruise ship, "Wonder of the Seas."

Cozumel locals fight back against the construction of a massive new...

Environmental activists on the island of Cozumel are protesting the construction of a new dock which they say would irreparably harm the island's delicate ecosystem.

Three cruise liners dock in Progreso as Yucatán breaks new record...

Three cruise ships docked in Progreso at the same time, bringing with them a combined total of 2,394 passengers and 749 crewmembers. 

2021, a hectic year, in review

It has been one doozy of a year. From the ever-evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic to the decline and bouncing back of the tourism industry, to wacky news stories that for some reason or another caught traction in 2021.

Tourists face long lines and cramped ferries in Mayan Riviera

Travelers in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are dealing with long lines and wait times as the number of cruise ships continues to increase.

Progreso schedules over 100 cruises for 2022

Port authorities in Progreso have announced that the city is expecting the arrival of more than 100 cruises in 2022. 

Cozumel’s cruise industry bounces back in a big way

Quintana Roo’s cruise industry recovery plan is going all steam ahead, reports the state's tourism council. All cruising companies operating in the state before the...

New numbers signal slow but steady recovery for tourism in Yucatán

Though hotel occupancy in Mérida and Valladolid still remains low, hovering at around 30%, the situation seems to be improving slowly but steadily, according to data provided by state authorities.

Progreso has welcomed its first cruise in over 16 months

Although only approximately 300 passengers disembarked from the ship, local and state authorities hailed the arrival of the Breeze as a victory and sign that Yucatán’s cruising industry is finally beginning to recover.

Hope swells in Progreso as 28 new cruise arrivals announced

Carnival Cruises has announced that all of its passengers and crew will have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before ships are allowed to set sail.

Cozumel schedules 24 new cruise-ship arrivals for June and July

In 2019 almost half of the 2,608 cruise ships to dock in Mexican ports arrived in Cozumel.

Yucatán prepares to welcome its first cruise ship in over a...

To be allowed boarding, all crew members and passengers must provide negative COVID-19 test results, taken no more than 72 hours before departure.

Cruise travel expert Chillie Falls on the industry’s comeback and what...

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cruise industry in the Yucatán peninsula had been experiencing continuous growth for well over a decade. In 2019, ports welcomed nearly 2,000 cruise ships, making it the region’s best season to date.

Progreso’s enormous pier turns 80 years old

Progreso’s maritime pier, the longest in the world, turned 80 last weekend.

Its port quiet for over a year, Progreso will welcome Carnival...

Progreso will be a rare port of call for Carnival in July.

Disney cruise ship on its way, but not with tourists

Yucatán announces the arrival of its first cruise ship in over a year. But don't get too excited. The ship, Disney Wonder, will be docking...

Carnival cruises: No more ships in Progreso until (maybe) November

Progreso's most frequently spotted cruise line isn't planning to return to the Yucatán port until November. An updated list of Carnival's 2021 ports of...

Hundreds lose jobs at Carnival, Progreso’s main source of cruise-ship dollars

Carnival Corp., the main cruise line to dock into Progreso, has announced hundreds of layoffs as the industry struggles to rebound. Entering its third month...

Mexican workers, stuck on cruise ship for 30 days, finally allowed...

Under close watch by health authorities, 68 Mexican cruise ship crew members were allowed to disembark in Cozumel after being stranded 30 days. The Disney...

Stranded British tourists take charter plane home from Merida airport

Merida, Yucatan — Forty-nine British citizens were allowed to disembark from a cruise ship and head to the Merida airport to fly home on a...

British cruise ship passenger disembarks in Progreso for medical treatment

An elderly British cruise ship passenger with flu symptoms was transferred from an offshore cruise ship to a Yucatan hospital on Monday. The Marella Explorer...
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