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Tlaxcala: Mexico’s Smallest State Has a Lot to Offer Visitors

Tlaxcala is the smallest state in Mexico, nestled in the heart of the country. But despite its size, it boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty.

Coyoacán — art, cuisine and relaxation in the heart of Mexico...

The Villa of Coyoacán in CDMX has a fascinating history stretching back all the way to the 7th century

In Yucatán, Mondays were made for frijol con puerco

Mondays in Yucatán are all about frijol con puerco. This traditional pork, rice, and beans dish is much beloved by people across the state, but you are unlikely to find it on the menu of any restaurant..

Cochinita pibil named 2021 ‘best dish’ by Taste Atlas

Yucatán's famed cochinita pibil has been named the top dish in the world for 2021 by the website Taste Atlas.

‘Queen’ of cochinita awarded the Jaguar del Turismo award

Míriam Peraza Rivero, also known as the “Queen” of cochinita was awarded the Jaguar del Turismo gastronomic award by Mexico's Tourism Association.  The award was...

The best breakfasts in Yucatán

Breakfast time in Yucatán is full of delicious options, from the spicy to the sweet and savory.

18 top chefs gather for gastronomic festival

Eighteen of the best chefs in the world have come together to create Hokol Vuh, a gastronomic festival that has garnered international attention.

Canada’s Iron Chef won with Mexican cuisine

Serving mushrooms from Nevado de Toluca, grasshoppers from Oaxaca and Recados Yucatecos, Playa del Carmen chef Xavier Pérez Stone won the title Iron Chef.
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