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Christmas tree season in Yucatán – Are you team natural or...

As Christmas approaches, so does the opportunity of finding your ideal indoor greenery. When it comes to trees, most people tend to divide into two teams: artificial or living.

What to find in a Yucatecan Christmas market

Located right in front of the high school Centro Universitario Montejo, the market hosts slow-food vendors on the weekends and maintains its crafts and decor market all throughout the week.

A weighted blanket for the restless sleeper

There is nothing better than a good night's sleep. In the hot, humid climate of Mexico, this is not always easy. I find I wake...

Bathroom design in the time of COVID-19

Did you know that modern bathroom design is due in part to infectious outbreaks in the past? Some predict that the COVID-19 pandemic may...

The hard part about decorating in Mexico: Execution

Our next step is to begin contacting our suppliers to provide scope, specifics, and timelines so that we can get quotes.

Colors for our coastal condo, by the numbers

We are on Week 2 of our remodeling project for the owner of a three-bedroom water-view condo. 
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