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2 Paseo monuments are about to be restored

The City Council announced plans to restore two Paseo de Montejo monuments that were vandalized by protestors nearly a year ago. Protective barriers were placed...

Cepredey brings free music, theater, and graffiti this weekend to Mérida

Locally organized rock, rap, and hip-hop concerts, as well as talks, plays, sports demonstrations, forums, and graffiti will be offered free of charge this Friday and Saturday. 

Police report decline in Centro graffiti

Commander Mario Arturo Romero Escalante credited intense police vigilance as he reported a drop in graffiti in the Centro Histórico.

Graffiti mars Progreso’s streets, hurting its public image

Graffiti has gotten worse in the port city, hampering efforts to improve its image before both residents and visitors.

2 teen graffiti artists forced to paint over their handiwork

In one minor victory in the larger fight against graffiti in the historic center, municipal police said they took two teenage boys by surprise Thursday night. 

Police action pays off as graffiti declines in Centro

The facade "rescue" plan continues in the Centro Histórico, and so do the graffiti doodlers. But municipal police say vandalism is down these days.

Graffiti ‘artist’ forced to paint over his vandalism

For painting graffiti on five Centro Histórico facades, a suspect detained by Mérida police was sent back to the scene of the crime 36 hours after his arrest.

Graffiti artist cornered at the scene of the crime

A man who police suspect vandalized several walls in the historic center was nabbed by police after being cornered at the Teatro José Peón Contreras.
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