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The Many Problems With Taking Tren Maya to Chichén Itzá

A first-hand account of a problem-plagued trip to Chichén Itzá.

New Prices, Schedules and Open Stations Announced for the Tren Maya

The Tren Maya has updated its pricing, making some routes less expensive and adding additional departure times on the Campeche - Mérida - Cancún route.

Tren Maya Construction Damages Cenotes and Caves South of Cancún

To speed up construction, engineers in charge of Route 5 of the Tren Maya resorted to pouring cement into several cenotes and caves, according to several reputable news sources, including El Financiero. 

Several of Yucatán’s Archaeological Sites Lack Toilets, Electricity For Now

If you plan to explore Yucatán's Puuc region in the near term, better bring along some toilet paper.

Mérida’s Kukulcán Stadium to Get Major Upgrades by Mexico’s Military

The Kukulcán Alamo baseball stadium will get a major-league remodel fit for the Leones de Yucatán.

Tulum’s New Airport Has a Long Way to Go, But It...

Airlines already operating out of Tulum’s new airport include Viva Aerobus and Aeromexico

Mérida’s New Electric Bus-Tram Hybrid Hits the Road

The electric Ie-Tram is now connecting La Plancha with the Tren Maya Station in Teya.

Tren Maya and Ie-Tram Maiden Voyages Are Just One Week Away

This first run of the Tren Maya is open only to select dignitaries and members of the media, will be followed by the inaugural trip for paying passengers.

Mérida New Va y Ven Transit Network is a Huge Step...

Getting to and from work aside means that it's now easy to get around town and not worry about having a couple of drinks and having to pay for what seems to be an ever-worsening and more expensive taxi or ride-sharing service. 

Progreso, Then and Now — From Sleepy Port to Beachside Playground

Folks from Mérida have long thought of Progreso as “their beach,” much to the chagrin of locals, who nonetheless depend largely on the constant influx of visitors.

Merida’s new foodie corridor finally gets a firm opening date

Despite the chaos, a handful of new restaurants have already opened on Calle 47 in hopes of getting a jump start on the competition.

Will Yucatán’s new power stations make CFE outages a thing of...

New facilities are designed to help Yucatán deal with increasing energy demands and the numerous power failures that go with them. 

Construction of Tren Maya HQ in Mérida advances at a rapid...

Somewhere between 300 to 400 workers are working around the clock to finish the project.

New flights will connect the Yucatán Peninsula to the Americas better...

New flights and increased frequency seem to be the trend heading into 2024.

Foodie corridor not ready yet, to the frustration of everyone

The Calle 47 Gastronomic Corridor, linking the Remate with Parque La Plancha, is way overdue. A mid-August completion date was blown, and after 11...

Mexicana to make a comeback after 13 years, this time under...

The government said tickets would be up to 15% cheaper than their commercial competitors — without sacrificing safety or quality. 

Sierra Papacal is as delicate as it is stunningly beautiful

What truly makes Sierra Papacal stand out are its gorgeous wetlands which provide water and shelter to hundreds of species of plants and animals.

García Ginerés residents preparing massive blockade to protest power outages

Interruptions to the power supply this week have been worse in some areas than others — with one of the worst hits being García Ginerés,

The end is in sight for Calle 47’s big dig

Sometime in August, Mérida will have completed its gastronomic corridor, AKA culinary corridor and restaurant row linking the Remate with the future Parque La...

I hope I’m wrong about the Maya Train

There is no denying the idea of the Maya Train is alluring, but will it every truly be a reality?

Yucatán’s major-league baseball stadium to get major upgrades

The upgrades, which will cost in the ballpark of 500 million pesos, are intended to increase the stadium's capacity.

The road to Mérida’s ‘foodie corridor’ is a bumpy one

Ultimately, a prime four-block stretch of Calle 47 will be a welcoming “foodie corridor” or “restaurant row,” highlighting some of Mérida’s finest restaurants and...

New toll hike on Mérida-Cancún highway breaks 600-peso mark

As of yesterday, the cost of driving the Mérida-Cancún highway broke the 600-peso mark, to 608 to be precise.

Route for Mérida’s new tram network and Mayan Train revealed

Yucatán is planning to add up to 30 electric buses, constructed in the style of a European tram, to Mérida’s public transportation system. The exact...
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