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Mérida’s new far-flung airport will be less convenient and cost more

According to federal infrastructure plans, the new airport will be located in the tiny community of Poxilá which has a population of under 1,000.

Not everyone is excited about Mérida’s new stadium

Mérida's new stadium is set to be built in the north of the city in the Cordemex neighborhood, but not everyone is excited.

Yucatán unveils details of its striking new sports stadium

Plans have been unveiled for the construction of a new sports arena in Mérida’s north with a maximum capacity of 32,000 spectators. 

New improvements coming to Riviera Maya highway

The new infrastructure will add two more lanes for 26 kilometers, as well as more side roads and wider exits, to the heavily congested area between Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

New delays and ‘unforeseen’ rains delay the reopening of the paso...

If you had been looking forward to zooming under Mérida’s Paso Deprimdio underpass this summer, we have some bad news.

Paso Deprimido: New, improved underpass to reopen in July

Mérida’s city hall has announced that the paso deprimido underpass — literally the depressed step — will reopen in mid-Juny.

After 7 years in limbo, new hope for abandoned hospital site...

An abandoned hospital project in Ticul will be finally finished, officials said. Photo: Facebook A 30-room hospital in...

Work on Mérida’s paso deprimido set to begin within the next...

Although work has not begun on the paso deprimido underpass, workers can already be seen at the site. Photo: Courtesy

Five new modern pedestrian bridges being built in Mérida

A computer rendering depicts what the finished bridges in Mérida will look like. Image: Courtesy Construction has begun...

New and improved underpass to make a comeback, says Mérida’s mayor

Rendering of what the considerably less deep paso deprimido will look like. Photo: File Mérida Mayor Renán...

Mérida’s ambitious new infrastructure project unveiled

Render depicting a yet to be built elevated crosswalk. Photo: Courtesy In a joint press conference, Yucatan’s...

Looking to improve economy, Dzilam de Bravo revamps its boardwalk

Infrastructure improvements along the boardwalk include park equipment such as swings and slides for children. Photo: File In...

CFE confirms new power plant in Yucatan

Photo: Punto Medio Merida, Yucatan — After continuing problems with the power grid and a surprise promise from...

Section of Merida-Chetumal highway to be modernized

Work continues on the Merida-Chetumal highway. Photo: Courtesy The rough edges of a four-hour drive to Chetumal are...

Mexico’s 2nd-longest bridge opens to traffic in Campeche

Puente de la Unidad in Campeche, the second longest in Mexico and the fifth in Latin America, was inaugurated Monday.

Money comes through for Progreso’s infrastructure projects

The state has allocated 60 million pesos for infrastructure projects in this struggling port city.

Port officials revives plan to build bridge over Progreso

The director of the Port Administration is dusting off a 20-year-old plan to build a "second floor" over Calle 82.

Crack in bridge could lead to higher prices in Yucatan

Almost all the merchandise trucked into Yucatan from outside the Peninsula over a single bridge in Campeche. There's a crack in that bridge, which will be closed for a year while it's fixed.

Ties between Russia and Mexico appear to tighten

Major investment from Moscow in the Mayan Riviera and other areas was offered during a meeting between Mexico's president elect and the Russian ambassador.

Campaign begins to revive transpeninsular train project connecting Mérida and Cancun

Mérida's Concanaco Servytur has petitioned the president elect to expand the Cancun-Palenque tourist train with a branch that reaches Yucatán. 

Hundreds of construction permits lack planning in Holbox

The previous Holbox administration granted 300 building permits without reviewing development plans, the island current leaders charge. 

Stretch of the ‘cenote route’ modernized at Cuzamá

The state has modernized 3.2 kilometers of "cenote route" in Cuzamá.

18 wind farms planned for Yucatán by 2021

In the next four years, Yucatan will receive a US$2.8 billion investment to install and operate nine new wind farms in addition to the nine already in the works.

Farewell to the rollercoaster exit to Progreso

Adding lanes and flattening the stomach-churning dip on an overpass will cost 200 million pesos overall.