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New Mayan Train route to run directly over cenotes

Environmentalists are expressing concern over plans to run tracks for the Mayan Train above caves and cenotes in Quintana Roo. 

For Yucatán’s public transit, the biggest overhaul in 25 years

More routes and improved comfort and payment systems are part of Yucatán's mass transit plans following the purchase of 350 new buses. In what's being...

Volaris adds new routes from Mérida and says there is more...

During the past couple of years, Voalris has also increased its international routes to destinations in North, Central, and South America. 

Yucatán’s symphony moves to a new venue for the rest of...

Yucatán’s state symphony orchestra will perform the remainder of its September-December program at the Palacio de la Música.

Salvador Alvarado’s Cathedral of Sports looks good for 83

Mérida’s Salvador Alvarado sports complex is known affectionately to locals as “the cathedral of sports.”

Progreso’s cruise industry reaches new heights, but Cozumel remains in a...

So far in 2022, Progreso has hosted 72 cruise ships with nearly 20,000 passengers and 1,600 crew. 

Work has begun on Mérida’s new foodie corridor

With a budget of 350 million pesos, Meridá’s Calle 47 in Centro is poised to become the city’s hottest area for eating out.

Piste residents angry as new Mayan train station is moved out...

The plans, announced just days ago, Tren Maya passengers disembarking on the outskirts of Pisté on their way to Chichén Itzá. Previously, the train stop was to be in town.

6 alternative sites Yucatán ‘sustainable stadium’ are a state secret

Yucatán’s ‘sustainable stadium’ project is moving to a yet-to-be-announced location after months of protest by people living in Mérida’s north. 

Here is why moving the Mérida airport farther away seems unlikely

Most media outlets are reporting as a fact that the new airport will be built in Umán, but there are reasons to doubt the project will actually happen. 

Construction begins in Progreso on a new dock for the Mayan...

State and federal authorities have confirmed that work on a new dock to bring freight to the Mayan Train has begun in Progreso. 

Yucatán stadium project delayed, and its deadline is in doubt

What became of Yucatan's Sustainable Stadium? Construction work on Mexico's most technologically advanced sports complex never got started in March as promised. Its original 2023...

New Calle 47 foodie corridor in Mérida wins approval

“We are very excited about this project and will be announcing the details soon,” said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha. 

Yucatán approves financing for electric ‘trams’ but questions remain

The budget for these electric buses, constructed in the style of European trams, has now been approved to the tune of 735 million pesos — roughly 36.3 million USD.

Judge blocks 7-tower complex in Mérida’s north

Yucatán’s fourth district judge has ruled that the residential complex known as Infinitum is unsustainable.

Drivers infuriated by dangers where train work clashes with Mérida-Cancún highway

Delays caused by construction are causing major headaches for divers on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway. Major construction kicked off over a year ago along the...

Drivers ‘seeing red’ over Mérida’s confusing new pedestrian traffic lights

Drivers in Mérida are complaining about new pedestrian crosswalk lights being installed across the city.

U.S. drivers wanting to fill up in Mexico hit with an...

Over the weekend, Mexico's federal government announced that it would be temporarily suspending its gas price subsidies along its northern border. 

Yucatán’s hotels are bouncing back, with Valladolid leading the pack

Overall, hotels in Yucatán have seen a 25% increase in bookings when compared to this time last year.

Mexico’s newest airport has no restaurants or even running water in...

Travelers have taken to social media to complain about the airport’s limited amenities, including a lack of food and bathrooms without running water. 

Expats asked to weigh in on a Calle 47 culinary corridor

Several members of Mérida’s international community participated in a focus group to discuss the potential for a project described as a “culinary corridor” along Calle 47 east of the Remate. 

Cozumel locals fight back against the construction of a massive new...

Environmental activists on the island of Cozumel are protesting the construction of a new dock which they say would irreparably harm the island's delicate ecosystem.

Rails for the Mayan Train are being laid near Chichén Itzá

Rails are now being laid near Chichén Itzá for the first tests of the Mayan Train.

Mérida’s new surveillance center now has eyes on over 6,700 cameras

Yucatán's government has opened a new remote surveillance center to oversee the state's thousands of active security cameras.