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$1M grant will build a mosquito ‘factory’ to fight Zika

A $1 million grant has been awarded to Michigan State University academic to build a Zika-fighting mosquito facility in Yucatán.

How to verify the inspector at your door is legit

While the state sends out anti-mosquito brigades, you can tell for sure if the inspector at your door is real or an imposter.

Let mosquitoes breed, face jail time under new law

Penalties for non-compliance with a new anti-mosquito law start with warning, then a fine, seizing the property, and even 36 hours in police custody.

Dengue cases plummet as vaccine nears

Dengue cases in Yucatán are down 82 percent from last year. Civic cooperation, as well as schools of mosquitofish, are credited.

Pregnant woman, 19, being treated for zika virus

The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed the first case of zika in a pregnant woman in Yucatán. The patient is a 19-year-old from Kaua, which is 35 kilometers southeast of Mérida.

Battle continues against mosquitoes, vacant lots

The ongoing battle against mosquitoes — and the health risks that follow them — are connected to the city's crack down on vacant lots.

City gets tough on vacant lots as rains approach

With the rainy season fast approaching, and worries about mosquitoes that come with it, City Council has approved more stringent measures to regulate vacant lots.

Homeowners welcome mosquito brigades

Unlike past campaigns, state officials report that residents have been generally receptive to the 5,500-person brigade going door-to-door to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes that spread dengue, chikungunya and zika.

Here come the mosquito warriors

With a mission to visit half a million properties throughout the state, more than 5,500 uniformed mosquito warriors will swarm 106 municipalities to prevent future cases of dengue, chikungunya and zika.
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