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Quebec couple wins standoff with inspectors after court invalidates fines

Mexico's high court sided with a retired Quebec couple who said they were threatened and illegally assessed a huge fine while attempting to build...

Tulum hotel ignores federal closures 3 times

Federal authorities checked in on a Tulum hotel that they said violated several closure notices.

Parcels of turtles, iguanas seized at Mérida airport

Parcels containing three green iguanas and seven turtles were found and seized at the Mérida International Airport.

Developer clears dunes and vegetation at Chicxulub, Profepa reports

After 1,200 square meters of coastal dune vegetation was removed, environmental authorities bypassed barbed-wire fences to shut down a construction site. 

Beach construction site shut down after sea grass allegedly cleared

After a builder illegally leveled a 375-square-meter coastal dune ecosystem, federal authorities ordered construction halted, Profepa announced Wednesday.

Beach construction in Chuburná halted by environmental agency

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) temporarily shut down a construction site where a threatened thatch palm was apparently cleared.

Profepa shuts down dump site on Chicxulub coastline

Local agents from Profepa, the federal environmental agency, stopped workers from dumping rubble onto coastal wetland.

Mexico hailed for taking measures to protect 2 endangered species

UNESCO has recognized Mexico for its efforts protecting totoaba and the vaquita, two endangered species found only in the Gulf of California.
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