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Rare baby Lora turtles seen in Yucatán for the first time

Ecologists hope to learn more about this species, as well as what brought it to Yucatán in the first place.

Baby turtles head to sea with help of international residents

The nest contained eleven live baby turtles and well over one hundred hatched eggs shells.

Vandals in Chuburná crush and burn sea turtle nest that others...

A nest of sea turtle eggs was destroyed by vandals Sunday in Chuburna Puerto. Photo: Yucatan Ahora Sea...

Sea turtles are thriving on empty Yucatan beaches

Due to the emergency caused by the new coronavirus, Semarnat did not issue permits to operate the entity's eight turtle fields. Photo:...

Looters grab 3,700 eggs from sea turtle nests in Yucatan

Discovery mars an otherwise healthy nesting season.

Green turtles’ tumors cause alarm in Mexico’s Caribbean coast

While the tumors sometimes go away on their own, there is no treatment or surgery to address FP.

Endangered Hawksbill turtle returns to Akumal after 15-year absence

The news was cheered by staff who run a sea-turtle protection program in this part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Sea turtles in Yucatan show signs of a rebound

Years of work appears to be paying off at several beach sites, but most hatchlings face long odds.

Fines top 3 million pesos for driving near sea turtle nesting...

The 14 offenders who were caught driving vehicles on a stretch of Progreso's beach a year ago have been fined 3 million pesos, collectively, for putting sea turtles and their nesting areas at risk.

Profepa stops hotel from building on sea turtle nesting site

Environmental authorities have denied permits for a proposed hotel near one of Mexico's most important sea turtle nesting beaches on the Yucatán's Caribbean shore.

Battle lines drawn at Punta Tortugas between Progreseños and environmentalists

Locals claim they are being blocked from their own beaches under the pretext of protecting turtles that do not exist.

153 sea turtle eggs rescued from busy Progreso beach

Rescuers recovered 153 hawksbill eggs that nested on a beach much too busy for baby sea turtles.

Entangled in lobster traps, 500-lb. sea turtle suffocates

A giant leatherback sea turtle found dead on a beach at Chicxulub Puerto had suffocated after she got entangled in lobster traps.

While sea turtles hatch, trucks on beach pose a threat

Citizens have banded together against cars and trucks that menace sea turtles on the beach.

Sea turtles and their habitats are being monitored from space

Researchers from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and the Advanced Research Center (Cinvestav) are gathering data to help preserve the tortugas.

Nesting sea turtles to face Easter-week crowds

Sea turtle nesting and Easter week coincides this year, which is worrying to anyone concerned about the fragile sea turtle population.

Fishermen in Progreso rescue abandoned sea turtle eggs

A stash of 135 sea turtle eggs have been found in Progreso and are being guarded by marine students until they hatch.

More than 600,000 sea turtles hatched

Sea turtle hatching season in its final stretch. As of July, there were 800,000 eggs along the Yucatecan cost. Now, the environmental agency SEMARNAT reports a count of around 600,000 baby turtles.