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Vaccines for Mérida residents in their 50s start Tuesday

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Family on one side of the tracks, and vaccine recipients on the other, at the La Plancha train shed April 10 when Mérida residents over 60 got their inoculation. Photo: Yucatán Magazine

It’s time for Mérida residents in their 50s to roll up their sleeves for a COVID-19 vaccination.

Residents in the Centro’s 97000 postal code will report next week to the art school at the La Plancha train station, Calle 55 and 48. This is a slight change from April’s locations when the Centro was divided into east and west zones.

Everyone who registered should receive a text message with instructions. But residents have been advised to follow the schedule and report to their assigned sites even if the SSY has not been in contact.

There is no word yet on the necessary second doses for older residents.

The daily schedule is broken down by age. Vaccines begin Tuesday for people 59 and over, Wednesday for 58-year-olds and so on until June 3.

Residents are scheduled by age, starting with 59 or older on Tuesday, and ending June 3 with the 50-year-olds. Graphic: Courtesy SSY

The vaccine is free to residents, including foreigners with a valid immigration card. Other documents such as utility bills, proving your street address, and secondary forms of ID are also strongly recommended. 

Older residents in Merida received an initial AstraZeneca dose in early April while teachers last week lined up at Siglo XXI for the Chinese CanSino vaccine. This time, SSY promises the Pfizer vaccine, which also requires two shots.

Mexico’s vaccination push is moving much more slowly than in the United States, where nationals and citizens of all countries have been flying for a jab of the needle. So-called vaccine tourism has driven up demand, and prices, for flights from Mérida to Houston and Miami, which have no residency requirement to be inoculated.

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