Where drivers in Yucatán get the cheapest gas

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Profeco says the FullGas in Umán has Yucatán’s cheapest regular gas. Photo: Google Street View

Service stations in Kanasín, Umán and Espita, Yucatán, are among those that sell regular gasoline, premium and diesel below the national average price, according to Profeco, the federal consumer protection agency.

For regular-octane gasoline, the lowest price in Yucatan is located at the FullGas station in Umán on Calle 16-A by Calle S/N, for 21.75 pesos. The best price for premium is in Kanasín, where RedKom on the Mérida-Chetumal Highway 184 has it for 23.49 pesos per liter.

The best price for diesel is found in Espita at a service station on Prolongación Calle 27 for 23.3 pesos.

Profeco’s “Quién es Quién en los Precios de la Gasolina” indicates that the national average price per liter is 22.48 pesos for regular, 24.54 pesos for premium and 23.81 pesos for diesel.

In Mérida, Juan García said he prefers the Pemex at Avenida Cupules and Calle 60 because it is a little cheaper than other places.

“I come here because it is at 20.90 or something like that. It does not vary much, but there is a place where you can find gasoline for up to 22.90, and that is already a lot, a difference of 2 pesos, and if you fill 10 liters, it is 20 pesos more and so on,” he said.

He suggested that there should be a much better standard so that more or less the same price is offered at all the gas stations.

Andrea Garrido, another driver interviewed on the same site, reported that lower prices sometimes make the public suspicious that some stations’ pumps are shorting customers.

“It is very good that the best price is disclosed, but also which stations are most expensive and which ones have pumps with irregularities,” she said.

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