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Who’s new at Merida’s zoos: lemurs and antelopes

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Merida, Yucatan — For 15 days, both of the city’s zoos, the Centenario and the Animaya, have four summer house guests.

Two lemurs are at the Centenario, and two sub-Saharan African antelopes are at the more modern Animaya zoo, said Arturo Antuña Silveira, deputy director of General Services of the Directorate of Municipal Public Services.

For now they are in quarantine as part of their adaptation process. But shortly, they will be visible to the public.

The new tenants are part of a national zoo-animal exchange through the Association of Aquariums and Zoos of the Mexican Republic, as well as with Yucatan’s Environmental Management Unit (UMA).

Zoo officials often pursue animal exchanges to obtain new species, as well as exchange blood samples to avoid congenital diseases.

Both zoos have between 100 and 150 animals of various species for exchange across Mexico.

Source: Sipse

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